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March 2018



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Second Leg of the Journey

I have to go back to Ithaca to check on my cats every 3-4 days. Tuesday was my scheduled visit day. Mary Jo came over to clean and I got into my car to go. Unfortunately, it had been raining and the ground was soft. My wheel stared slipping as I tried to back up the hill so I decided to go forward into the back yard. This was a bad idea. I ended up to my axle in mud. I sat there and contemplated waiting for the mud to dry up, and called song to whine. SNB answered her phone and he was very supportive. He is a very good listener. After a while Mary Jo came out and told me that she had called a tow truck. She is a wonderfully efficient person.

The tow truck took an hour to get my car out of the mud, and broke a chain doing it. But he was very nice. He suggested that I not park on any more lawns today. And I left for Ithaca. On the way several of the warning light on my dash came on, so my first stop in Ithaca was at my mechanic. They didn't have any openings but scheduled me for next Tuesday. When I got back in the car most of the lights didn't come back on, so that is OK.

I picked up my meds, some groceries, One of my portable oxygen tanks, checked on the cats, and came back to Vestal. Pat had made dinner so I didn't have to do anything Tuesday night. Which was a good thing since I was totally wiped out, even with inhaling oxygen for the hour drive.

Wednesday Larry took dad out to lunch with the guys at the Red Oak. I stayed home and made Chicken Popeye and roasted Green Beans for dinner. I was still pretty wiped out from Tuesday. Pat brought in the garbage cans and the mail.

Today Mary Jo is supposed to drop by again and my friend Sammie said she would visit. Tomorrow I check on the cats again, then it's the last leg of the visit. Mom comes home Sunday night. Next week I sleep.


Bleah. Sorry you've had such a terrible time.