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March 2018



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What's been goin' on. (the rest of my stay with dad)

When I last posted anything significant it was 14 Thursday. I made potato salad (following the advice in the Cook's Illustrated magazine). That afternoon Song and Sammie came over for a visit. I put out a tray of cheeses and bread, Sammie gave me a jar of blueberry syrup, and Song brought us some chocolate croissants. We had a pleasant visit.

For dinner I pan fried some pork chops with blueberry syrup (following the advice in the Cook's Illustrated magazine), and roasted some broccoli in the oven.

Friday I was supposed to go to Ithaca to feed my cats. I tried. I really tried. But I was just too tired. Eventually I just gave up and called Marilyn to feed the cats for me. Pat came by at noon to take dad out to lunch at Red Lobster (because I was not supposed to be there). I feel bad about that but dad was really looking forward to lobster. I just slept. Mary Jo came by cleaned things up a bit. I was beginning to worry that the house would be a mess when Mom got home. I made fried flounder with green salad and potato salad for dinner. That was one of the easiest dinners I made all week. The flounder only took about 10 minutes and the salad just had to put on the table.

Saturday I made French toast for breakfast. I had found some real maple syrup in the fridge and I don't get that often. I had picked up some sliced whole grain baguette when I went shopping. For lunch we had more navy bean soup.

Family friends Cindy and John brought us dinner on Saturday. Binghamton was having restaurant week so we got the restaurant week special from Czech Pleeze it consisted of a Turkey Noodle soup, Mac and Cheese (baked with a 3 cheese sauce including a zesty Quesoa), a sampler platter featuring one Holubki (Fresh cabbage leaves wrapped around a wonderful beef and rice mixture lightly seasoned and cooked in our old world style red sauce mixture of sauerkraut and tomato sauce), one City Chicken (An old Binghamton favorite of seasoned Pork and Chicken skewered on a stick, breaded and baked to a golden crispy brown), and two Pirohi (Folded and crimped pasta pockets filled with your choice of Potato and Cheese or cooked Cabbage. Boiled and then smothered in butter and sauteed onions), and a sampler of their homemade cookies (Kolachki - A semi sweet and flaky pastry dough wrapped around a tasty walnut filling. Frosted Sugar Cut-out Cookies - A fluffy vanilla sugar cookie with a sweet
Vanilla or Almond Frosting. Magic Bars - These yummy square cookies are made up of tasty sweet coconut with
melted chocolate, nougat and ground walnuts drizzled over the top of a graham cracker crust.) It was all good. John brought dad some special beers to drink with dinner and Cindy waited on us and cleaned up everything, for which I was profoundly grateful.

Sunday was ST Patrick's day so I made boiled corned beef with boiled potatoes and baked cabbage. I make a corned beef and cabbage dinner every year for st Patrick's day. The problem has been that I don't really like boiled cabbage. I had thought about baking the corned beef this year but all the recipes I could find for "roasted" corned beef basically steamed it in the oven. If you are going to steam it you might as well boil it. The oven roasted cabbage recipe I found on the internet was great! Dad ate three helpings. Larry joined us for dinner because he loves corned beef and Pat hates it. He brought a cherry pie for dessert and rye bread for dinner. I like rye bread but I don't usually eat more than one starch with a meal. The cherry pie was great.

Pat picked mom up at the airport. Her plane was early and she got home by 11:30pm. Despite the fact that she had not slept in 24 hours she was very awake and looked good. This trip was really good for her. Dad was very happy to see her, he was grinning like crazy. He really missed her. She sat up and told us about her trip for about an hour before she started to rub her eyes and I suggested that we all get to bed.

Monday I finally ironed a few of the shirts I needed to iron before I sew, and finally left at about 2 in the afternoon.

Overall it was not a bad week. The important tasks - making sure dad took his pills and ate regular meals - were within my abilities. Some of the other tasks - bringing in the mail and taking out the garbage - were not within my abilities. In that sense it was a bit like the time I drove Sammie to Philadelphia, the stated task (driving) was easy, but I'm really not able to care for other people. I need a bit of care myself. It's a good thing Pat, Mary Jo, and Cindy were able to come by and help as much as they did. The stairs really took a toll on my knees and I was at the end of my rope by the end of the week, but dad and I got along just fine.

More later...


Love hearing about the food! I hope you don't beat yourself up too badly, either for the week with your Dad, or for the trip with me. Your heart is so big, and you are so eager to help...and as you said, the "stated task" was doable, unfortunately, there are usually other things implied. No harm done-and I enjoyed the trip.just as I'm sure your Dad enjoyed your company!
I will post pictures of the food when I get around to getting them off the camera.