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March 2018



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Cooking frenzy

Sunday I finnally did the cooking I'm always threatening to do on weekends.
I started off by making my family recipe for Caponata and eggplant dip that I practically lived on durring our last family reunion. I put it on first so it could cook all day. I also boiled up about a dozen eggs that had been sitting around almost too long (they are pickling in beets and vinegar now). I made Pork chops with stuffing. And Alton Brown's Turbo Hummus that stuff really burns.

I took the Caponata and the Turbo Hummus to work on Monday.
Then last night, after I got back from dinner at Diamond's with Chreryl, I made Lime Jello Marshmallow cottagecheese surprise. I used the blue rubber mold my boss gave me. It unmolded beautifully this morning. Everyone says it tastes great (everyone who has tasted it).

I'm living on it today. I didn't wake up till 8:30 and I have to be at work at 9, so I was really running this morning.


Pickled Eggs?????

ummmm would those be purple pickled eggs??????
*raises eyebrows*
Can I come over :)

Re: Pickled Eggs?????

Yes indeed!
You are always welcome. And I will be home tonight.
The pork chops and Turbo Hummus prodded serious buttock. I have yet to try the eggplant dip; I hope there's some left when I get home.

eggplant dip

There is a huge bowl of it in the fridge that hasn't even been started on.
I was a bit worried that I had overdone it with the olives. I don't like olives. But they turned out Ok by the next day.
Peanut butter? Ick. In Ithaca you ought to be able to find tahini. And cumin. *shudders* *muttering* Peanut butter in hummus...


I was concerned about the peanut butter myself. That is why I planned to feed it to my co-workers :-) They loved it. You can taste the peanut butter but it isn't overwhelming. The raw garlic was something else. It burned my mouth and you could small it as all over the library.

Tahini is not hard to come by, but the only thing I use tahini for is hummus, I have peanut butter on hand all the time. That makes this recipe more convenient.

I have never put cumin in my hummus. But I took an herbalism class once where the teacher served us an excellent hummus with mustard in it.
Still, ick. Peanut butter as a shortcut in satay sauce, yes. In szechwan noodle salad, yes. But not in hummus. Bleh. And yes, I keep tahini on hand pretty much just for hummus. If it's in the fridge it lasts almost forever.

I've always put cumin in my hummus, except when I forget to. I don't think I even use much of a recipe anymore. Chick peas, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini, salt, garlic, sometimes parsley, cumin. Blend, correct seasonings, chill.

I miss Tops and Wegmans. The big chain markets around here have a much smaller selection, and many of the specialty markets have weird hours.

Cooking with peanut butter

In satay and szechwan noodle salad peanut butter isn't a short cut it is an ingredient :-)

When I was a kid I had some great Nigerian chicken cooked with peanuts at an international student dinner. I wish I had a Nigerian cookbook

Re: Cooking with peanut butter

In satay and szechwan noodle salad peanut butter isn't a short cut it is an ingredient
That depends on whether your recipe actually calls for it, or calls for peanuts which you then grind into mush. :-)

Nigerian recipes, including at least one for groundnut stew: