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March 2018



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The Last Two Weeks of March

When I got home on 18 Monday I slept. No big surprise there. But Tuesday I had to take the car into the garage to find out why all the lights were coming on. I spent most of the morning sitting in the waiting room of the garage while they replaced the bearings in both front wheels. At least getting stuck in the mud was not the cause of the problem. The bearings had been making noises for months.

When they were finished with my car I met Anne and Marilyn for lunch at Spicy Asian Their Szechuan menu has lots of things I have not tried yet and I love their popping boba tea.

Wednesday I went grocery shopping and made rice crispy eggs for the Equinox.

Thursday was the only day that week I didn't have to leave the house. I stayed in and made Birds nest cookies except I didn't think the eggs would stick so I made them with coconut icing instead.

Friday B took me out to dinner at the Ithaca Beer Company Taproom. I didn't know they served food. B and I shared a Cheese Plate (Local cheese paired with cranberry chutney and crostini) I had the Taproom Burger with everything but blue cheese. And B had the Cheddar Ale Soup. For dessert with shared the Gingerbread with apples, caramel sauce and Stout ice cream. It was all very good.

After dinner we went down to Binghamton. When we got to Song's house I made more bird's nests, this time with noodle cluster nests and robin's egg malted milk balls.

Saturday Morning Song had class So I made Hot Cross Buns and got a start on the tea sandwiches for out Tea Party. We had Watercress and cream cheese, cucumber and butter, and egg salad. When Song finished class she helped me make the sandwiches. We had quite a spread. Sammie, Giovanni, and RBDarkly came for the tea party and we had a marvelous time. After the tea party we colored hard boiled eggs for the Equinox.

The Cuteness had a fever that day. She was not her usual chipper self.

Sunday B and I came back to Ithaca.

Monday I went grocery shopping again. The Cuteness' Birthday was on Wednesday and I had to make the cake. Tuesday I made the cake it was chocolate with coconut filling and green icing. Wednesday I finished icing the cake and drove down for the Cuteness' Birthday. The Cuteness had a birthday party (with cake) at school and Grandma A had purchased a Tinkerbell cake as well. Grandma A also bought her a fairy princess outfit. I'm glad I didn't buy the same present. I got her some princess books. The Cuteness was still not feeling well and barely touched her cake.

I came back Thursday morning in time for book group. And have been recuperating ever since. I think I might have caught whatever The Cuteness had. I have not been feeling well and I had a fever last night. Luckily I feel much better this morning. I'm drinking lots of fluids and eating oranges. I will make some soup today to see if that helps.


Cuteness has strep throat

If your throat starts feeling sore, get yourself to the doctor! She's still on antibiotics.

Re: Cuteness has strep throat

OOoo- thanks for the heads-up! I have not been feeling sick- but haven't been feeling great either- guess i'd better get checked.

Re: Cuteness has strep throat

My throat feels fine...for now.

But my stomach hurts. I have only eaten a cup of yogurt and some warm polenta today. I've been sleeping a lot, but otherwise I feel much better.