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March 2018



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Back From REAF

I spent the weekend at the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival. I have sat behind the information desk at every REAF since they started. I just enjoy events more when I'm working. I enjoy sitting behind the table and greeting people enthusiastically.

This year's REAF was the best one yet. The organizers are really getting the hang of things and getting good at knowing what works. And attendance was good. On Friday night we still had people paying $20 a person to come in for the last few hours. The vendors I spoke to were pleased with the business they had done. The workshops were well attended. Serpentessa was there again. She did an opening ceremony and offered snake massages. I didn't get to handle any of her snakes but that is OK I have access to snake therapy at Song's.

One hiccup was that an organizer's laptop was stolen right before the festival opened. Saturday we had four policemen on regular patrol through the festival to look out for thieves. I managed to flag one down and welcome him to the festival and offer to answer any questions he might have. He didn't have any questions but he seemed like a pleasant and cheerful young man.

Rauncie sent me home with a gift bag of leftover food from the staff hospitality room. That is very useful since I am a bit wiped out, I'm glad I don't have to cook. I have a large tub of chili, a tub of pasta with red sauce, two tins of chicken, a bottle of ketchup, a box of crackers, and a big bunch of bananas.


I am glad you had a delightful weekend!
I'm sorry I missed it, again....I'm hoping at some point my health will improve to the point where I can attend. I wonder what the "pleasant and cheerful young man" had to say to his compadre's after they left?