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March 2018



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More Birthday

My sister Maria sent me an Amazon gift card, and B took me out for dinner at Friendly's. We haven't eaten there in a long time.

This is the way I like my birthday to go, a week of people taking me out for dinner or lunch. I get more free meals and I get to spend more time with people individually than if I just had one big party.


Moar birthday Saturday!
Indeed I'm looking forward to it.
SATURDAY?!? You told me Thursday!


No, actually, I still couldn't have made it. SNB and I made plans to go to the Maple Festival in Marathon over a week ago.

Any chance you can swing by Binghamton on your way back, J?
I'm pretty sure I told you Joseph was coming on Saturday. Because I called to ask if you were expecting me on the weekend of the 13th. I may have said something about going out for dinner "for my birthday" and maybe you assumed that meant "on" my birthday. Although I might have also asked if you could come up on my Birthday, which was Thursday. I believe your answer was that SNB was closing every night.
You said your birthday was Thursday and Joseph was coming up and Bu and K were probably coming and could we come up too, but we couldn't because SNB was closing and it was a school night. Nothing was said about Saturday. When I called you earlier in the week, I had an idea, but I was confused about Cuteness' eye exam. The idea wouldn't have worked out anyway, because I had forgotten about the Maple Festival. I need a social calendar!

It's all good. I will give you another birthday lunch at the Plaza when you come down.
I asked J if he would be swinging by your place on his way home and he said no. Partially because he didn't see this invitation but mostly because Binghamton is an hour in the wrong direction for him.

I did suggest that he and B arrange to come down to your place for a gaming night, since you have my Apples to Apples and Discworld games. Maybe SNB could invite his friends over too for a gaming party.
We'll see what we can do.
Can we stretch it out even more? I have been told that after 50, I get a whole MONTH- and I'd love to take you out, but it will have to be after I recover from my next round of chemo, so-post 4/23. Sound good? I haven't had Thai in a long time!
Sure. Thai Cuisine has closed but Taste of Thai Express is very good.