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March 2018



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It's been a while since I posted

After my birthday week I had a creative week making sweet beer bread and decorating cups with Sharpie markers

Over the weekend I went down to Binghamton and visited Song's family. I did a lot of cooking and sleeping. I made pizza on Friday night, fresh spinach leaves are great on pizza. Saturday morning The Cuteness and I made Cinnamon scones. Then I made hot dog Spaghetti monsters in tomato soup for lunch. For dinner Song cooked the Salmon patties I got at Wegmans with some baked green beans. Song didn't like the salmon patties, she thought they tasted like hot dogs. Sunday morning Song took me out to the Plaza for breakfast. I love the plaza! We got desserts to take home. For dinner Song cooked some bluefish. She used my suggestion of cutting them into strips, dusting them with flour, frying them, and serving them with soy sauce. That works well with strong oily fish.

I read "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" while I was there.

I came home on Monday. I haven't accomplished much since then. Thursday was book group and we are almost finished with "The Christians as the Romans Saw Them".

Friday B took me out to lunch. Now that Garcia's is closed we will have to find somewhere else to eat. We went to Chili's. I had the bottomless soup and salad.

In other news:
When people have not been taking me out to eat I've been eating a lot of Ramen Noodles lately. I put the noodles in a large bowl, add the seasoning packet, crack a raw egg over them, add boiling water, cover and let sit for ~20 min until the egg is poached. Not the healthiest meal but tasty.

I started some basil seeds and some lavender seeds in little windowsill green houses. They have sprouted but not yet put out true leaves. I hope to grow enough basil to make basil oil this year.

Song helped me clean out the back seat of my car and send a lot of stuff to recycling. I have been taking my recycling down to the car and made another recycling run today. I'm really getting rid of stuff.

I finally used the Shock Top End of the World Midnight Wheat (with chocolate and chili) to make chocolate beer cookies. They were a little dry but OK.

I have been watching The X-Files. I'm already to Season 4. I am enjoying it more now that I know what the conspiracy is about. The anxiety of not knowing what is going on really destroys my enjoyment of stories. Some of the episodes are so anxiety producing I have to go to Wikipedia and find out what happens before I can watch the episodes.

I plan on staying home this weekend. But I hope to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. We have been having a lot of sunshine this week.


We grew basil last year. It took over my herb garden to the point where I had to uproot plants and give them away. You should have more than enough for basil oil.