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March 2018



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Oven Fried Chicken

I made oven fried chicken with corn flake crust for dinner tonight. I like making the chicken in the oven instead of frying it because it is easier, less fat, and less mess. But it's the same preparation: dredge in flour, dredge in egg/milk mixture, dredge in crumbs. I try to remember Alton Browns advice to use one hand/fork for the wet mixture and another for the crumb mixture to avoid "club hand" (the condition where the breading builds up on your tools).

A long time ago I got a couple of boxes of some off brand (Hospitality?) corn flakes from the Red Cross food pantry. There was a recipe for oven baked chicken with corn flake crust on the box. I had never thought to use corn flakes for that purpose before. I usually use bread crumbs and parmesan cheese (the milk fat in the cheese gives it a fried effect). The recipe also called for yogurt and mustard, which also would not have occurred to me. This evening I went with yogurt, cream, egg, Dijon mustard, salt, pepper, and onion powder.

A long time ago I heard that Hushpuppies are called that because you give them to the dogs to keep them from whining while you eat dinner. I also heard that they were made from what is left overwhen you are breading and frying something. So whenever I am breading and frying things I make "hushpuppies" with the left over crumbs and egg mixture. I just mix the left over crumbs into the egg mixture, add some baking powder and some flour, if necessary, then fry them in a pan. They are more like pancakes or fritters than balls, since I don't deep-fry them. If I had some corn niblets on hand I could have made corn fritters. Next time I should remember to add some diced onions. They were delicious anyway.

I have really been craving Wings over Ithaca boneless wings with golden BBQ sauce. But I can't afford it. I hope this will do instead.


Your hushpuppies sound delicious. You're quite a cook!
Thank you.
I try :)
I was telling the Beloved that what I really needed is to have you come cook for me for a week, to help put weight back on. Then I realized that in a week, my upstairs AND downstairs freezers would be full, and we would be reduced to pressure-canning goodies for later consumption....maybe I should just come stay with YOU for a week? :)
Hmm. When I'm home I really just cook one or two dishes every couple of days. Literally. I made chicken so I will eat chicken for every meal until it is gone then I will make something else. And I have set up my kitchen so I can do everything while seated in my rolling office chair. I have one of those grabbers if something is out of my reach.

When I'm at Song's she and the children help me by doing all the fetching and carrying. I try to do my share of the dish washing but most of the cleaning and putting away has to be done by someone more able. I'm sure Song would be willing to help if you would like some goodies. I can make things and package them up for delivery. She likes to visit you.
I love fried chicken, but it takes so long and is such a big mess. I will try your recipe.
Yes, I feel the same way about Fried Chicken. Thanks.

The most recent batch could have used more salt and more mustard. But I wasn't really using a recipe, just throwing things together. There are lots of recipes out there.

My next batch is going to use All Bran.

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