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March 2018



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I hate it when my kitchen is full of food but there is nothing to eat...

Yesterday I baked some pork steaks and served them with my South Carolina Mustard BBQ sauce. That worked well. Today I made fried teriyaki tofu for dinner. Not my finest accomplishment, but it was edible. Went Ok with my 100% rye beer bread I made yesterday.

For future reference 100% rye bread doesn't rise, even with baking powder (I knew it didn't have enough gluten for yeast rising). When I was mixing it up it didn't look right and I thought about adding some wheat flour, but I knew that I would always wonder if it would have worked with just the rye. For some reason the rye bread has a "glutinous" mouth feel.

Marilyn came over after book group and watched 4 episodes of Revolution, wherein people continue to do stupid things for stupid reasons.

Grimm was renewed for another season, which is good because I like Grimm, and they ended on a cliff hanger.


I don't mind bad science. At least the nanobot explanation could "hand wave" away the initial complaints that some sort of field that suppressed electricity would cause atoms to come unglued. How the nanobots suppress electricity has, thankfully, been left unexplained. Even the characters who worked on the project don't seem to know how it works.

The thing that bothers me is how people keep doing stupid things for stupid reasons. Like sending your most valuable general off on dangerous secret missions. Or sending all your most valuable military assets off in one helicopter. Or not stealing the horse and gear of the man you just killed. Or torturing everyone. Torture is not the best way to get information people!

They seem to heading toward at least one sex scene an episode though. Boobies cover a lot of faults.
You have certainly influenced my thinking on even wasting any time on watching it....guess I'll stick with Hemlock Grove for now.
As for your rye bread, though I've not had a chance to research it myself yet, I heard an interview with Michael Polan on his new book-on SciFri, I believe- and he talked about how much better a sourdough starter was for making whole-grain breads like rye. Perhaps that would be an answer to your non-rising rye? I've also heard from a German lady years ago, that the "real" German rye takes 2 days to completely rise and bake. I know the bread she shared with me, mailed to her by friends in Germany, was like nothing I've ever tasted in this country! PErhaps we could try some sourdough rye together?