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March 2018



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Beginning to feel a bit stressed out

I have a bunch of stuff to do and not much time to do it. I'm beginning to feel a bit like "I did three things yesterday! Now I'm supposed to keep doing things? It's like the things never end!" My shoulders are beginning to tense up like they used to.

B took me to the Tokyo Hibachi Sushi & Asian Bistro for lunch. It's a very classy place with reasonable prices and good service, even though they don't speak English. I don't mind them not speaking English. I think a wait staff that knows what the food is supposed to taste like is more important than a wait staff that speaks English. I can get what I want by pointing at the menu and making hand gestures.

Afterward I went swimming. I think I overdid it. I was shaking when I got out of the water and really needed to take a nap, but I had to drive home first. Now my legs hurt.


"Things" are always there to be done. Fortunately they include swimming and things that you may not consider as being Things. Do what you can and be happy with what you have done rather than stress about what Things still want your attention. *hugs*
I hate it when the overstressing starts. At least you're not alone. Have you seen this post from Allie Brosh?
Yes. I was quoting from that post by Allie Brosh.
Take that nap, my dear, and let me know if there's anything I can help you with regarding your things.
I need to find a place to swim- I LOVE swimming. And am also bad at knowing when to STOP doing.
The docs always say I should stop when it starts hurting. The problem is, the hurting doesn't start until after I've stopped, and WAYYYYYY after I should have stopped. ARGHHH!