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March 2018



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I have worked two projects to frustration this morning.

I need to eat something and take a nap.


Good plan. Persisting usually leads to more frustration. I'll bet you come back refreshed and ready to go.
I was able to get some work done on one of the projects after I had a nap.

It just made me think of when I used to have a job and I would get blocked and really need a nap but I had to stay at my desk and pretend to keep working even though I could barely keep my head up.

There are two issues there. 1) I have a problem (probably blood sugar related) where I suddenly get very tired and need a nap. 2) Creative work isn't like factory work. You can't force it when you get to a block. You need to be able to step away and come back to it later.
Factory work actually REQUIRES that break also-it is just never given to people doing that work, I know from experience. I've seen people almost lose limbs or, in one case, their lives, when hair, clothes or appendages got caught in mechanisms, because the worker was falling asleep on their feet. Once I WAS that worker, thank Goddess all I lost was a bit of fabric from my sleeve. But- isn't it wonderful that we get to do creative work, and nap when we need to? I'm getting back in to writing during the night, when my creative juices blow most freely.
I almost cancelled several hundred homeowner's insurance policies at AIG when I dozed off on my keyboard...oh, the cost of our American drive to deny humanities' needs!
I'm glad you rested when you needed too!
Yea, if you push yourself when you have a creative block it usually leads to more blockage. You have to let yourself get away from it so inspiration can strike. You have to give the muses a moment to step in and help out. Did you see that TED talk on creativity I posted to Facebook a while back? I think it's something you would like: Your Elusive Creative Genius