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March 2018



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Well, that was nice.

I really need to learn not to stress myself so much. Watching Fran and Gaby bustling around getting things done during the party I realized that I feel guilty for not being able to do as much as they do. I have very industrious sisters. None of them just sit around, they are always doing things. Prepping the next project, or cleaning up the previous project. I just can't do as much.

I try to plan ahead but I tend to "bite off more than I can chew" that way. I make grand plans and don't have the energy to follow through on them. I mean well. But I just can't do as much as I want to do. I've gotten better. I managed to do most of what I wanted this time.

Song scolded me several times for worrying too much. I was so concerned that my efforts would not be good enough. I wore the shirt I made from the scarves mom bought for me in Florence. Mom was very pleased and the shirt got compliments. They played the music I had selected in the afternoon, and people did like it, what they heard of it. The cookbook was finished in time for the party and everyone loved it. The spice jars were finished in time for the party and everyone loved them. The three quarts of homemade baked beans were ready in time and I didn't burn them. Everyone loved the baked beans too. I finished one very stuffed scrapbook for Gina, in time for the party, and everyone was very impressed. I picked up the cakes from Sarah's Patisserie. We ordered two Chocolate Fandango cakes. Everyone loved them. They were beautiful and survived the half-hour drive in oppressive heat without melting.

If you need a really nice and delicious cake for a special occasion we can heartily recommend Sarah's Patisserie.

I brought my bathing suit but I was so exhausted from my preparations that I didn't have the energy to go swimming. Even though The Cuteness and IDK were there and I would have loved to have gone swimming with them. I really would enjoy life more if I didn't try so hard. I spent most of the party sitting in front of the A/C and hanging out with Richard. Richard and I are great buddies.

Everyone was very helpful, carrying thing down from the car for me, refilling my cup, and my plate, and carrying my stuff back up the stairs at the end of the night. I really couldn't ask for anything more.

Now that the party is over I can go to bed and not get up for a few days.


You are awesomeness itself! Sounds like you did a LOT. You've earned some rest. :-)
Thank you.

I just think that if I had done less I might have had more energy to enjoy the actual party. I see other people accomplishing so much and I want to accomplish things too. I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm not like other people. I just can't do as much as they can.
Scolded? I would have called it teasing. But as you will.

Get some rest.