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March 2018



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Horrible Histories (TV show)

I finished watching all the QI episodes on YouTube. So I needed some other light entertainment. I stumbled upon Horrible Histories. Horrible Histories began as a series of children's books. Then it was made into a children animated TV series. You can get that in Netflix. I watched one episode but it isn't very good. What I'm watching on YouTube is the live action TV series. It is very funny.

It's meant to be educational so they try to get their facts straight. But they tend to leave out the context that would give meaning to the facts, in favor of making people in the past look stupid or disgusting. So I don't really want to recommend it to children. But adults might get a laugh out of it. I've heard there is an adult version with Stephen Fry, I'm interested in giving that a try.

Horrible Histories Theme Song
Terrible Tudors! Gorgeous Georgians!
Slimy Stuarts! Vile Victorians!
Woeful Wars! Ferocious Fights!
Dingy Castles! Daring Knights!

Horrors that defy description!
Cut-throat Celts! Awful Egyptians!
Vicious Vikings! Cruel Crimes!
Punishments from ancient times!

Romans: rotten, rank, and ruthless.
Cavemen: savage, fierce, and toothless.
Groovy Greeks! Brainy Sages!
Mean and Measley Middle Ages!

Gory Stories! We do that! (We supply!)
And your host a talking rat! (is Stephen Fry!)
The past is no longer a mystery,
Welcome to Horrible Histories.
Tall Tales! Atrocious acts!
We gave you all the fearsome facts.
The ugly truth no glam or glits.
We showed you all the juicy bits.

Gory, ghastly, mean, and cruel!
Stuff they don't teach you at school.
The past is no longer a mystery,
Hope you enjoyed, Horrible Histories.