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January 2019



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witchy cat

What is with the cat dreams?

So, I had a couple dreams where I was at my parents house and found PILES of kittens, at least three different litters of different ages outside the house. The rest of the dream was about a big party I was having at the house.

And then this afternoon I dreamed I was was at a festival and someone gave me two cats (it was a real pain trying to pack up the tents while keeping two cats from wandering off). Then when I got home someone gave me four more cats. I ended up with six cats! I named one Eric the Red, he was sort of brindle with some orange spots. I was having all sorts of problems at the festival. I kept losing things. Then when I got home to my city apartment I got involved with come criminals and one of them was reading a textbook on Viking culture for a class he was taking. That is when I decided to name the cat Eric the Red. I was having trouble coming up with names for all the cats people kept giving me. There is a lot of stuff I'm leaving out from the dream. But the cats are the recurring theme.


Hm. Having trouble managing things? Is your life like herding cats?
Probably. I have been feeling a bit over whelmed lately.
Hmmm...you own ( or, should I say, serve?) cats, post about them on Facebook all the time,....maybe you just love cats?
Sorry, I'm not much of one for dream imagery, as it always seems like the prophecies of Nostradamus or those newspaper horoscopes, you can twist it to mean pretty much anything you want it to.
I tend to think that dreams are communications from the unconscious. I don't go with universal symbolism. I think everyone needs to think about what the objects and situation represent to them. But sometimes other people are better at seeing us than we are at seeing ourselves. Sillymagpie had a point about me feeling overwhelmed. Both cat dreams involved me feeling that things were out of my control. Well, much of life is out of our control, but in both dreams I was frustrated by what was going on. There were other things that were frustrating me in the dreams before I found the cats. I think the cats represent things that I love and care about that are (none the less) a cause of stress in my life.

I seem to have a fairly consistent dream world. There is a dream city that is made out of cities I have lived in and some dreams are continuations of previous dreams.