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March 2018



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Make Magic


I cooked up a bag of chickpeas a few days ago with the intention of using half for minestrone soup and half for hummus.

I just got around to making the hummus this evening.

My usual recipe is in the Family cookbook but I didn't even open it.

I started with a dollop of peanut butter (about 3 Tbsp) and 1 clove of garlic (I'm running out of garlic and need to buy more). Then I added a pint of cooked chickpeas (reserving the liquid in case I needed it). I put in a tsp of salt and half tsp of ground pepper. A good sized pile of dried chives and dried parsley. About 1 Tbsp of lime juice (I'm sure I bought a bottle of lemon juice but I just can't find it). I turned on the food processor and let it do it's thing. The mixture was a bit dry so I added chickpea juice until it flowed. Oops I forgot the olive oil, I added about a Tbsp of that (need to buy more olive oil). I tasted it and it was a bit bland so I added another tsp of salt, and about a Tbsp of cider vinegar. And I found half a small onion (left over from a batch of tuna salad I made last night) so that went in (to make up for the lack of garlic). Speaking of garlic, I'm saving the rest of the fresh garlic for some spanakopita, but I have big jar of dry garlic granules so a bit of that. A little more cider vinegar and it tastes about right. Now it goes in the fridge to cure overnight.

I put in so much dried parsley and chives it is green.

Hummus can be made with beans other than chickpeas. Maria once made a dip of frozen baby lima beans and guacamole seasoning; it looked like guacamole but it tasted just like hummus. There are white bean bean hummus recipes on the internet. Don't let recipes intimidate you. Take a bunch of mild cooked beans, add some flavorful oil, something acidic to perk it up, and some spices and see how it tastes. Sounds a bit like refried beans actually.
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Huh- I never made the refried beans/hummus connection before, and now that you have, it opens up a real bounty of ideas for getting more beans back in my diet. I really love beans, and they are SO nutrient dense!
Have you ever considered putting together a small book, maybe a booklet or pamphlet even, on eating well, at least as well as possible, on a SNAP budget? I've pretty mush always had to cook on a severe restricted budget, and I am thinking of publishing a small cookbook called "Eatin' like Poor Folks" and selling it on Amazon. Not so much as cookbook as a process book, going through how to shop cheap, the best nutritional bang for the buck, and simple ideas for adaptable things like the hummus-refried beans idea. Stuff Mama shoulda told ya, but probably just bought the frozen processed crap instead.......perhaps we could work together on it? Then we could sell it BOTH ways- as "Poor Folks" AND as "SNAPpy eating on a Budget."
It seems a shame to waste all this knowledge. I think we have a responsibility to share with our less fortunate budgetarily-sontrained compatriots, don't you? And especially their kids. I would insist we sell the e-reader edition for $0.99, and we can probably do a print version for that, too....but I don't think we should give it away free.
Please let me know if you are interested?
Sure. I could work with you on that.