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March 2018



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Fell out of bed again.

So I fell out of bed (again) this morning and broke my side table (again). Although my repairs from last time held and it broke in a different place this time. I turned the table around after I glued it so next time I will see if it brakes on the other side.

No injuries. I wonder if I should rotate the mattress? Maybe that is why I keep falling out of bed. Or maybe I just need to sleep closer to the middle of the mattress. I tend to sleep to the side to give Ninshubur room on her side. But I've been doing that for years and I just started falling out of bed.

Ah well.

Have I mentioned that my apartment is on the second/third floor of my building? It's the second floor from the front, and the third floor from the back. My bathroom window is near the ceiling on the third floor side of the house. So I don't really worry about anyone looking in unless they are in an aeroplane. Imagine my surprise when I walked into my bathroom this morning to find a man in the window. He was using one of those cherry picker trucks to fix the eaves where the Starlings had nested. The metal cover that would have kept the Starlings out had come off. Well, it's a good thing they have left. I wonder if he fixed the triangular attic louver on my side of the house? It seems to have come apart. Probably because of squirrels again.


Definitely try turning the mattress. Yikes!

Heh, I bet seeing a guy looking in your second-story window was a shock!
A bit of surprise especially since I really had to use the toilet.