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March 2018



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I had a nice day yesterday.

Work was productive. At lunch I dropped by skitten's house to give soulspirals a book she asked for. skitten, soulspirals, blaisepascal, and I got into such a conversation I had to promiss to come back after work, and I was late getting from lunch. When I went back after work bolowolf was home.

It was nice hanging out with all of them. I don't really get out much. We hung out and talked and laughed. I kidnapped soulspirals to go out to dinner with me and we had a nice visit. And we went to the Asian grocery store so I could pick up some Pocky, some Custard tarts, and some InariZushi pockets.

Then I went home and watched the American version of "Coupling". It was OK the British version is better. I had trouble with new actors playing roles I was used to. It does look like a scene for scene remake of the British version. But I just realized that the American version is shorter and they cut back on Jeffrey's bits. That is too bad, Jeffrey's strange explanations for things were one of the best parts of the show. What brough this to my attention was the Pilot. In the British version it is title "Flushable" because Jeffrey explains that some girlfriends are "Unflushable" - no matter how many times you pull the handle they just won't go away, and that makes Steve's scene in the women's bathroom with Jane and Susan even funnier. In the American version the Pilot is untitled and we never hear Jeffrey's "unflushable" story.

Oh well.


I agree with you that British Coupling is better, but I must admit I'm intrigued by how much the American version seems to be pushing the envelope on what can be said in primetime. I think last night was the first time I'd heard a reference to cunnilingus on a non-cable show.


I don't remember that reference. Please remind me when it happened.

I thought the search for the condom might be new but then I remembered them doing that on Friends.
The Lindsay Price character (Jane?) mentions Steve's "serious" face, if I recall correctly, then adds "Can I sit on it later?"


I am only mildly familiar with the British version of Coupling. I've only seen it a few times. I am thus hoping that the American version will seem fresh and fun to me. I have it pvred. I'll let you know.

Didn't see...

...the new American version, but now I finally get why the title sounded so familiar. Saw an episode of the Brit version that was reasonably good but got a bit over the top - something about an old girlfriend still clinging to this guy, and inveigling her therapist to come along to dinner, and this being mistaken by somebody or other as evidence that she was a lesbian and the therapist was really her lover...but I recall some excellent quick banter that was almost too fast to follow - you wanted to stop and savor the humor but they'd already blasted ahead to the next thing...

Re: Didn't see...

Episode 4 of the first season "Inferno" "Susan invites all the friends over for a dinner party. Jane brings her therapist, Jill, who everyone assumes is there as Jane's date. In front of everyone, Susan insists that Steve justify his passion for the offending porn film, Lesbian Spank Inferno."

Some of the best parts of this show are Jeffrey's concise explanations for things you never would have thought anyone would have an explanation for. And Steve's monologues, this episode has one of his good ones.

Re: Didn't see...

Right. I love the long and passionate speech about how men like breasts, and I think part of what I like is that it's true to life (if a tad exaggerated)...that's actually the only episode I've ever managed to see, but it definitely recommends itself.

Still have yet to see the Americanized version; apparently I'm not missing much. I read somewhere that this version is seen as a fairly naked attempt (no pun intended) to find the next Friends. The particular commentator seemed to feel it failed in that regard...