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March 2018



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A Strange Dream

I dreamed that an old Wiccan teacher of mine had invited me to his religious institution/compound because he believed that he was the re-incarnation of a Roman priest and he had the necessary rituals to cause a Roman goddess to posses the body of a willing priestess and manifest on earth and use her divine powers to bring back the glory of Rome and the Roman religion. I was unwilling to volunteer for the ritual because it would mean the complete sacrifice of myself to the goddess (as in I would no longer exist). And I thought he was crazy both for thinking he could and for wanting to do it. But my friend Barb was upset that something was going on that she wasn't being included in and so a whole bunch of people showed up and I was trying to be discreet and not tell people what he had told me because I didn't want to sound crazy. But he told them himself so we were all being very polite and trying not to talk about it. I was also trying to leave but I had a lot of stuff to carry and I was afraid he would try to stop me so I was trying to be discrete about it. Which somehow turned into me trying to get to sleep on some old overstuffed chairs. Which turned into me taking part in some kind of test where I had to pass through multiple stations and complete activities at each station (such as identifying different kinds of toads and throwing a line over a ceiling beam to win a set of glass mugs). Which turned into me working with some other participants trying to make dinner with the prizes we had gotten at the different stations (raw meat and bulk boxes of cereal). The test was over and there were a lot of leftover prizes they were giving away to anyone who wanted them. Which turned into me using a secret elevator in the shower stalls to transport meat and portable grills from the main hall to the floor where we were cooking. The cleaning lady gave me funny look when I wanted to drag all that stuff into the tiny shower stall.


Heh. The first part sounds serious, but then it becomes odd and amusing, as dreams will.
Hmm. For me the first part was more socially awkward than serious and the second part was more of a struggle than amusing. There was a lot of low-grade social anxiety throughout.

A recurring theme throughout is me struggling to walk while carrying a lot of stuff, while simultaneously trying to negotiate complicated interactions with other people.

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