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March 2018



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Cleaning Up and Eating Out

Marilyn has been coming over and cleaning my apartment. My downstairs neighbor, Dina, has been taking out the trash for me. This has really helped. On Friday we did the living room and today we started on the computer room. I still need to go through some boxes and throw a more stuff away but things are really improving. Today I finally threw out two broken fans. I'm really glad I have an air conditioner. Marilyn wants to come back and do some more but I really have to deal with some of the sorting and putting away before she comes back.

I asked the Kosmos for help cleaning and I got it. I really am blessed.

Friday Bu took me out to Spicy Asian. I tried the fried shrimp Shumai and the Sauteed Watercress. I don't think the watercress was really watercress. I think this menu has a lot of translation errors. Or they just gave me the Chinese Baby Broccoli instead. It was fine so I have no complaints.

Bu ordered the Green Soy Bean w. Dry Bean Curd, but for some reason expected it to be green beans instead of green soy beans. So he was not happy.

I need to start keeping track of what I've eaten here. and I need to try some of these:
Scallion pancake - (the dipping sauce is supposed to be fantastic)
Veggie Dishes:
*Shredded Potatoes w. Sour Spicy Sauce - (intentionally undercooked crunchy)
Sautéed Snow Pea Sprout w. Garlic - (simple, but great side dish- not always available)
Dried Sauteed String Bean - (for the garlic lovers)
Eggplant with Szechuan flavor
*Kung Po Tofu Szechuan style - (not on the menu, but they will do it if you ask for it)
Meat Dishes:
*Kung Po Chicken Szechuan style - (the classic intro dish to Szechuan cuisine)
*Spicy Double cooked pork - (fatty pork with chilies and leeks)
*Mongolian Beef or chicken
Cumin Lamb - (really famous Szechuan dish)
* = spicy dish

Actually I just need to work my way through the Szechuan menu.

Sunday Bu took me out to The Northstar Pub
We tried the Wisconsin Style Fried Cheese Curds with Bloody Mary, Stout Honey Mustard, and Chipotle ranch sauces. Bu had the Veggie Burger and I had the Mac & Cheese Du Jour. We both had the Chocolate Hazelnut tort for dessert. I chickened out on the Jalapeno lime cheesecake. Maybe next time I will be braver. I may not like every strange new dish I order but I always regret chickening out.

I just saw a great quote: "If you only eat your old favorites how will find out what your new favorites are?"