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March 2018



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Go Me!

Not only have I not killed or eaten anyone today, I have actually accomplished things!

Before my last trip to Binghamton I made three shirts.

One of them was a combination of two older shirts that had begun to fray at the edges. I merged them! With results I am very pleased with. It's blue with pink godets and sleeves, very colorful. But the last time I wore this new creation it ripped at the armpit. This morning I was able to insert a slash and puff into the rip using scraps from the merge. I'm quite pleased with this.

The second new shirt was based on a Greek chiton. I was less than pleased with the results. This morning I finally cut and pieced it into a new shape that I'm comfortable with. It is no longer a Greek chiton it is now a tailored shirt with a square neck and pockets. I may yet add Some godets of a contrasting color.

The third shirt was my usual tunic, fold over and sew up the sides (leaving holes for the arms) cut a hole for the neck and trim with bias tape. I have been wearing that shirt a lot since I made it. I may insert some godets in that one too.

I'm really liking the godets. Even if they are a lot of work.

Then I took out the garbage and had lunch at Spicy Asian.

I love Spicy Asian! They know me there despite the fact that I don't come in often. I think it is because I order the things white people don't order. I order off the Szechuan menu, not the Chinese or Japanese menu. I have decided to take a more organized approach to trying what they have to offer. Today I had the black tea with passion fruit milk and fruit jelly, and the Cumin Lamb with white rice. The fruit jelly is exactly that, small cubes of fruit flavored jelly. If you don't mind chunks of jello jigglers in your drink I suggest you try it. I enjoyed it. Cumin is a very hot spice. This place is called Spicy Asian and they are very proud of their spicy food. The cumin lamb is thinly sliced lamb cooked with cumin and served on a bed of iceberg lettuce with a small bowl of rice on the side. The lettuce is a nice cooling counterpoint to the cumin and I could taste the lamb even through the heat. I reminded me of something and it took me a while to figure out what. My dad used to make us tacos using the spicing advice from the Joy of Cooking. One of the spices was cumin. Cumin lamb reminds me of my dad's tacos, it even has the lettuce, all it was missing was the sour cream to cut the heat. I'm not really a spicy food person, but this dish was highly recommended by reviewers, as a classic Szechuan dish and specialty of this restaurant. It was a painful experience but not unbearably painful. I sweated profusely but was able to finish my entree. The milk tea helped but halfway through I ordered a coconut smoothie. Coconut milk has a lot of oil in it which cuts through the heat, and the crushed ice helped too. I think I will continue to use coconut milk to mediate the heat. Most of the highly rated dishes at this restaurant are spicy. If you like mild food they can make it for you but if you want something you can't get at any Chinese restaurant order off the Szechuan menu.

After lunch I went grocery shopping and as I was zipping around Wegmans in my little cart I got a call from their pharmacy telling me I had a prescription waiting. So that was a fortunate coincidence. And when I got home the downstairs neighbor carried my groceries up the stairs for me!

So it has been a very productive and happy day! So far...


Go you!!!
Thank you.