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March 2018



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Trying some thing different.

Song asked me to come down and sit with The Cuteness when she got home from school. Song is working, SLB is working and Grandma A (the usual babysitter) is out of town visiting one of her children.

I'm chronically late and that was not an option for this task. I managed to get up early and be on the road by 12:30. I had time to clean out my car once I arrived and was waiting at the bus stop when The Cuteness got off the bus. She had my full attention and we had a nice afternoon. She told me about going to the Creamery and learning how to make cheese. I just found a recipe for making cheese at home and I may try to get her to make it with me.

IDK is growing up. Every time I see him he looks older and more like a teenager.

Song ordered Chinese food for dinner. I had the Dragon and Phoenix (half spicy breaded chicken, half mild shrimp and vegetables). I don't think I have ever ordered that before, although the chicken was pretty much General Tso's chicken without the broccoli.

I came home instead of spending the night. I've been doing the drive to Binghamton so much that it's no longer the big deal it used to be and I hope that sleeping in my own bed will keep me from having the usually recovery lag from overnight stays. There was not much point in staying overnight anyway since tomorrow is a school day and everyone would be out of the house first thing in the morning.


I appreciate the help!

I also look forward to trying the fresh mozzarella. Let me know when you want to do it and I'll get extra milk.