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March 2018



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Music Appreciation.

I just watched "Atoms for Peace" play on The Daily Show. I can appreciate that artists like to explore the boundaries of their medium. Certainly this performance was very edgy, in that it was on the boundary between music and noise. They were clearly enjoying themselves. I just wasn't enjoying it.

I have to accept that when it comes to music I just don't have a very sophisticated palate. I experience music viscerally. It seems to bypass my consciousness and plug right into my amygdalae. Music can literally make me feel emotions. All I was feeling for this music was vaguely irritated.

PS. My experiment appears to be successful I slept well and feel rested. I think it might have to do with the oxygen machine I use at night. It's too big for me take on trips. I really need to use my portable tank more often. Although those only last a couple of hours, so not enough for a nights rest.


I am listening to them now. They sound like the loud child of Radiohead and Red Hot Chilli Peppers... which makes sense since the singer is the lead singer of Radiohead and the bassist is from RHCP. I like the rhythm section a lot, but they do have a full textured sound which isn't easy to listen to but I still enjoyed.

I am glad your experiment paid off. Hopefully tomorrow the CPAP gear I ordered will arrive and I will get a good night's sleep for the first time in several weeks.
They definitely have a good beat going.
You are more musically sophisticated than I am.

I hope your gear arrives soon. I know how miserable it is to lose sleep.
I kind of look at music like that comedy routine about two types of wine: "Urgh! This is awful!" and "Mmm! I'll take three cases, please!" (Well, OK, three types: "Ugrh! This is... no wait, it's OK.")