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March 2018



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Family Holiday, Digger, and Surgery

I went down to Philadelphia to celebrate Thanksgiving with my sister Gina's family and our parents.

Mom put me up in a hotel down the street because Gina was concerned that her kids would damage my Bi-PAP machine, Forrest likes to tinker and explore. Staying at a hotel is difficult for me. I never know how much walking I will have to do and it will be more walking than I would have to do if I was staying at the house with everyone else. Gina thought I would be able to come and go as I pleased but that really can't happen.

I arrived on Thursday at 2pm just after most of the household had gone down for their afternoon naps. David and Forrest were still up and Hugh and Andy were visiting. I hung out with them and we had a lovely traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Afterward Hugh and Andy led me to the hotel and helped me get checked in and settled into my room. I was exhausted and every part of my body hurt except my feet and head. I hadn't expected any help so I was really grateful for Hugh and Andy.

I slept until 3 pm on Friday then took a Tramadol and a Diazepam. That helped me a lot. When I arrived back at the house Gina told me that Saturday was Tanner's Birthday and she would like me to help with the birthday cake. She and mom were making the cakes (one vanilla and one chocolate). David and his brother Tim made a lovely dinner of Grilled Salmon with rice and green beans. While Tim's daughter, Annie, entertained the boys.

Saturday morning I got up early enough to take advantage of the complimentary breakfast at the hotel. It said it was a "Continental Breakfast" so I was expecting coffee and pastries in the lobby. But it was a full breakfast buffet at the hotel restaurant. I told the waitress that I had mobility issues and she even fixed a plate for me so I didn't have to walk the buffet. I had scrambled eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, and orange juice.

Saturday was a long day, I'm glad I took my Tramadol and Diazepam again. I spent most of the morning decorating the cakes with Annie. While Gina and Mom made food for the party and David and Tim took the boys to the zoo. So many of David's relatives showed up for the party that we had to eat lunch in shifts. We had turkey stew with rice, green salad, and home made honey oatmeal rolls. At Forrest's pre-school they make bread from a different letter of the alphabet every Wednesday. Gina tries to make the bread at home as well to bring the school experience home. The Honey Oatmeal rolls were for the letter H. They were delicious.

I woke up Sunday wanting to go home. I felt better after I had my Tramadol and Diazepam. For breakfast I had the buffet again. I had a different waitress but she also was kind enough to get me a plate of food from the buffet. This time it was ham and cheese quiche, sausage, whole wheat toast, and cranberry juice. I was very pleased with the service at the Crowne Plaza hotel. Everyone was very nice to me and helpful. The Security guard put my bags in a locked closet while I was eating breakfast.

The ride home was uneventful. Except that Song called me to let me know that the Digger Omnibus had come in. She had contributed to the Kickstarter campaign at a level high enough to get her a hardcover and me a softcover. She also got a lot stickers, pins, posters, and a foam axe. She shared everything but the foam axe with me. And it is a wonderful present for which I am very grateful. I would not have been able to afford as much. And I do love Digger! Our editions are even signed and Personalized! SQUEEE!!!! I was able to come by and pick them up after I dropped my parents off.

I have surgery on my finger tomorrow morning at 7:30am. I have to go shopping before I go to bed and pick up some cat food so the cats don't starve. And I have only had today to recuperate. The surgeon seems to think I won't be good for anything after the surgery. My friend Anne is going to take me to and from.


Good luck with the surgery.
Thank you.