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March 2018



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Doing pretty well actually

I've stopped the pain meds and my finger feels fine. A little itchy sometimes but that just means it is healing.

Wednesday, Anne, Marilyn, and I went to lunch at Chili's. They had not tried the bottomless soup and salad lunch special before. It is a good deal. You can try as many soups as you want. Next time I need to remember to ask for cups of soup instead of bowls. Since you can get as many refills as you want and it costs the same it's a great way to taste test.

Friday B took me to Applebee's. I had a great steak with mushrooms. I love steak and mushrooms. We also tried the pretzel sticks with beer cheese dip. I don't think the pretzel sticks needed to be deep fried. Baked would have been nice. But they were delicious of course.

I've been very tired and sleeping, a lot. I still feel tired and it is a good thing I have time to sleep more this weekend. But I still need to clean out the car and do some laundry.


Would you like to try the pretzel sticks at Chili's today for comparison? If so, give me a call.

Or if we were willing to drive for it, the server I had at Applebee's last week claimed that TGIF makes good pretzel sticks. I wouldn't normally drive to Elmira purely to check out an appetizer at a chain restaurant, but I got nothing planned for today.
Says the guy who drove an hour through a snow storm to have Eggs Benedict at a Perkins.

Driving an hour to eat a chain restaurants when we have nothing better to do is becoming our "thing".