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March 2018



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Well that is done.

I slept most of yesterday to recover from Friday. I woke up today not wanting to do anything. But B had promised to help me empty the broken car and transfer everything to my apartment. I could not possibly do it myself. And he could not do it on a weekday because he has a real job.

He thought it would take multiple trips back and forth from the garage to my apartment but I had already started removing things from my car in anticipation of getting rid of it. And there was not as much stuff as it looked. Mostly bottles, magazines, recyclables, seltzer, and some trash. There ended up being one big bag of trash and one small bag of returnable bottles. We were able to fit everything in B's car for one trip. And he bought me a slice of pizza.

When we got to my apartment he did all the carrying up the stairs. Which is a good thing because I was sweating from just moving things in from the landing.

I should have had children when I was in my twenties, they would be old enough to help me with these things now. Instead I have to count on my friends who are closer to my age. (Although B is a bit younger than me.) Really, children are the original retirement plan. Without children (or money) there is no one to take care of you when you are too old to take care of yourself. Except your friends who are the same age as you. Of course it's a bit ironic that I'm thinking that since I'm no help to my parents, in fact I'm still dependent on the kindness and generosity of my mother. *sigh* I suppose it's just as well I never had children. Sometimes I think I would have been a great mother, but other times I'm not so sure.