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March 2018



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Car and Reading

Monday I called the guys at Hunts and discussed what might be wrong with my car. It was either a broken axle or a burned out transmission. I talked to my mom and, since we were going to trash the car anyway, she wasn't willing to pay for repairs either way. So, she and our friend Pat drove up and picked me. I had a nice long chat with Pat on the way down to Vestal while Mom took a nap.

I also brought down my laundry. I usually do my laundry at Song's house but I haven't had a chance in a while and I really need clean clothes. When I got to mom's house I started some laundry and mom made dinner. We had a nice pasta with meatballs, and a side of spinach.

For dessert we had ice cream bars. Dad said he didn't want one but once mom and I started eating ours he wanted one. With his memory problem he couldn't remember that he had said he didn't want one.

After dinner I finished reading "Cold Days". Argh!!!!! I have finished reading all the Dresden Files novels and the short story collection. The next novel isn't out until May! Butcher writes about one of them a year and there are supposed to be 5-6 more to complete the series. *sigh* I'm really enjoying these books and it's frustrating having to wait to find out what happens next.

Since I had B Kindle I started reading Terry Pratchett's "Dodger". It's not a Discworld story but it's interesting. It's one of the stories he has written with a writing partner because he can't write by himself anymore. The Alzheimers has taken that part of his mind that writes, but not the parts that makes up stories and talk, so he can dictate his stories. That can't be the same as writing though. It must be like being a painter and having to stand over someone and tell them what you want them to paint for you.

Tuesday mom and I were supposed to go to the DMV and transfer the cars around. But the roads were bad so we didn't leave the house.

By Wednesday morning we thought the roads were clear enough, and mom had a doctor's appointment as well. We went down to the insurance office and filled out the paperwork there. The nice insurance agent helped mom loosen the screws on the plates we were going to have to transfer. Then we went across the river to the DMV. I had trouble finding it. It's pretty obvious once you know where it is. But the address in Washington Ave and I couldn't see any sign of it on Washington Ave. There is a sign above the door on the back of the building, that opens onto the parking lot. But that was under a sign for Allstate Insurance and a fancy sign that said "Avenue Collection" (in italic). I didn't see the "D.M.V." underneath that until I pulled into the parking lot.

Luckily for us there was hardly anyone there. There were four clerks and we had to talk to three of them. But since we were the only customers it went pretty quickly. Mom did all the standing and paying. I really wouldn't have a car without her. I felt guilty about how much she had to do. It got me thinking about that article I read the other day about how environments disable people. If I hadn't had my mom there I wouldn't have been physically able to do everything necessary to transfer the car over. And my mom is no spring chicken, she really shouldn't have been doing those things either. But the people who designed the system expect everyone who uses it to be young and healthy.

I got home to Ithaca before noon. My "new" car has heated seats! Which are wonderful for my aching lower back.


I am glad you are vehicular again.