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March 2018



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Happy Solstice!

I spent Solstice Night with Song baking. We stayed up all night to greet the sun.

And did a lot of cooking.
The Cuteness helped me make Candy Cane Cookies
Candy Cane Cookies

And Cut Out Cookies
Cut Out Cookies

Then she had to go to bed and Song and I made Melting Snowmen with almond cookie bases.
Melting Snowmen

And Aunt Susan's Pfeffernüsse

And Cinnamon Pecan Rolls (Song does not like walnuts)
Cinnamon Pecan Rolls

And IDK helped me make Chocolate Peanutbutter Butterscotch Haystacks.
Chocolate Peanutbutter Haystacks

When the sun came up on Sunday we both collapsed. Unfortunately for Song she had to get up again in a couple of hours and watch her kids. I got to sleep. And I didn't have to work on Monday either.


What did you use for the coloring on the cut-out-cookies? That's beautifully vivid frosting.
Just standard food coloring. I made a base of powdered sugar with a little vanilla and some milk (usually regular milk, but goat milk this time because it was what she had) and then put a little bit in small cups and add the die.

The black is from a tube of gel I got at the grocery store. Unfortunately it doesn't dry like the icing and gets all over everything. I think next time I will try using dutch processed cocoa for a really dark brown instead.
Blacks done with food-coloring bases often seem to have an aftertaste as well. Cocoa is probably better. But they were very pretty!
Although, it turns out that when they dried they were a bit more muted.
Ah, candy cane cookies. :D
Those were The Cuteness's first request. and I added a bit too much flour, so they were not as pretty as they should have been.

I've never understood the appeal of plain cookies. I like some flavor! But it is hard to go wrong with butter, sugar, and flour.

We went through 2.5 pounds of butter and and a five pound bag of flour.
Mmm.....chocolate peanutbutter haystacks....
augh. They are NOT peanut butter! They are BUTTERSCOTCH!

I'm not really upset. (^_^)
Well, that explains the lack of peanutbutter flavor.
Not Snickers®, butterscotch.