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March 2018



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Busy Holidays

I had a nice Christmas dinner with family. We had a repeat of Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce). Which I like, so it was fine with me.

I got a copy J.J. Abrams new book "S" and a new shirt from my mom. And a copy of my cousin Christina's new book "Wordsworth and the Dragon" from my Cousin Christina. Christian also pitched in on the $100 gift card I got from Aunt Susan, Cousin Jonathan, and his wife Karen. Gina and David gave me a packet of Namaste cards and a portable Zen drawing board. (I gave Tanner a toy frog and Forrest a toy Octopus). I got homemade dried fruit and jam from Francesca.

Back home I finally made my Turkey Coq Au Vin and second Turkey Porchetta. I've got a lot of turkey and turkey broth in my refrigerator right now.

Today I got up early to get my car inspected. Hunts does quick things like inspections on a first come first serve basis on Saturdays.

While I was waiting I got into a wonderful conversation with another customer who was waiting for an inspection. He turned out to be a SF&F fan. He was reading something by China Miéville (but not Perdido Street Station). It turned out he was a fan of Terry Pratchett and Jim Butcher. He recommended Iain M. Banks "Culture" series and the Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. He was also very enthusiastic about video games as a form of immersive story telling and recommended Spec Ops: The Line. We really hit it off and had a lot in common, in terms of our taste in books. Our conversation really helped pass the time in a pleasant manner.

My new (to me) car passed inspection with just a a few minor repairs and fluids topped off. It is a beautiful bright sunny winter day today. And I am quite happy.
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Banks is an excellent writer of wonderful books.
People have recommended him to me before. I have now ordered a copy of "Consider Phlebas".

I tried to talk to him about The Stanley Parable
"Excession" is also an excellent novel. Did you ever watch "Andromeda" with Kevin Sorbo? I think that the writers must have read some of Bank's books, given the style of naming starships on that show.
I did watch "Andromeda". As I recall, it was fun. Not brilliant, but fun.
Yes, it was fun.