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March 2018



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I'm glad that is over.

This past holiday season was exhausting. And I didn't even do as much as I usually do.

New Year's Eve I drove down to my Mom's and had dinner with family. Tom and Maria made a nice seafood dinner. Gina and David and boys were there (they loved the cookies). And I got to see Gaby and Richard again.

After dinner and some carols around the tree I went to Song's. She had laid out a sandwich buffet but I was stuffed from dinner. I was so tired I didn't even stay up till midnight. But the sandwich buffet was great for brunch New Year's Day. And Song made a wonderful baked salmon for dinner.

I stayed over till Thursday to watch the kids while Song and SLB went to work. The snow wasn't really a blizzard, just a steady fall. IDK had to go out several times to shovel the driveway and the walkways. It was really nice to have someone else brush the snow off my car.

I got on the road before 3pm while it was still light. There was snow on the roads and I had a 3-4 exciting moments when my car slid a little bit, but I stayed on the road. That is the advantage of driving a Buick.

B had left his C-PAP mask and hose at Song's so my first priority when reaching Ithaca was to return it to him. I know how miserable I feel when I can't get a good night's sleep. We met up in the Wegman's parking lot to make the exchange and I picked up some cat food.

Friday I was still too tired to got to lunch with B but by dinner time the sun was out and I met him at Spicy Asian. I ordered the Jellyfish Salad. I had never eaten jellyfish before and was somewhat concerned that it would inedible. But it was really quite nice. It looked like broad rice noodles, and had the texture of cooked cabbage. Unfortunately it was too spicy for me to finish and I brought it home. I hope a peanut sauce will cool it down, and make it a bit like cold sesame noodles. I also ordered the Squid w salt & pepper. That was basically fried calamari with extra salt. I quite like fried calamari and this was no different. B had the Kung Po Tofu and found it too hot to eat. And I brought up a subject that he and I do not see eye to eye on, so the whole dinner was not very good for him.

Yesterday Marilyn came over and I made biscuits, cornbread, and chilli. It's great weather for chilli and baking.


New reader

Hello--I just added you as a friend. I'm in the midwest (closer to the northeast) and getting some of the same weather. I'm glad you had a good holiday. The food sounds just lovely.

Re: New reader

Thank you.

You seem like an interesting person. I look forward to hearing more from you.