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March 2018



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Presents from the Amazon!

Well, one from Amazon.com and one from Amazon Marketplace.

I have been having a problem with Drugstore Beetles for a while. I think they came in with the World's Best cat litter. I purchased a pound of food grade Diatomaceous Earth to get rid of them. They eat books!

I also ordered a bottle of Fizzion Pet Stain and Odor Remover. On the recommendation of Jackson Galaxy The Cat Daddy!

I'm feeling productive!


Annoying I know. They are about the size of fruit flies but much slower and easier to kill.

I just hope mixing the Diatomaceous Earth with the cat litter gets rid of them. Although now I think I will have to dust all the book shelves with it too. I went to the trouble to get food grade Diatomaceous earth so it won't hurt the cats if they lick it.
Good luck. I really, really dislike bugs in the house.
Ugh, how irritating to have those beetles! How do you like the World's Best cat litter? We tried it and thought the smell of the litter was actually far worse than the smell of our cats' waste. We use Swheat Scoop and love it.
I have no problem with the smell of the World's Best.

I tried Swheat Scoop and had a problem with it turning into a sticky paste that was difficult to clean out of my sifting litter trays.

The Diatomaceous earth has really knocked out the beetles. I put it out last night and I've only seen a couple of small beetles since then. They just disappeared!
Diatomaceous earth is amazing for getting rid of all kinds of bugs. My mom had a flea infestation in her house when my nephew and niece were little, and the DE was the safest thing to use around small children. Killed the fleas practically overnight.
Yes. I agree. DE works on anything with an exoskeleton.