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March 2018



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Not a bad week.

The depression must have been hormonal because I woke up feeling fine.

Wednesday Marilyn, Anne, and I had lunch at the Friends and Pho. It turns out they do a buffet for lunch. It was a standard Chinese Buffet. I had the General Tso's chicken, the fried chicken wings, and green beans. Marilyn was impressed that there was a hunk of fresh ginger in her Hot and Sour Soup. I was feeling well enough to stand and walk without undue pain, so Yay me!

They have three desert items: Honeycomb Cake, Yuca Cake, and Layer Cake. We spoke to the woman who makes the deserts. They were out of Layer Cake so we ordered one of each of the other two.

Vietnamese honeycomb cake is a traditional Vietnamese cake made with coconut milk, tapioca starch, and pandan extract. It is green (because of the pandan) and has lots of air holes (the honeycomb, there is no honey involved), and the texture is chewy, almost rubbery. It was served warm and I liked it. It was very mild. Not overly sweet.

The Vietnamese Yuca Cake (Coconut Cassava Cake) (not to be confused with Yucca) is more like a dense coconut custard. It is usually made with grated cassava (yuca) instead of tapioca powder. It is dense enough to be cut into squares and also served warm. It was not overly sweet. Anne liked the Yuca cake best.

The staff was wonderfully friendly and helpful.

Thursday we were supposed to have meeting of the new book group but it was called off on account of the snow. I was going to go shopping anyway but decided to stay home.

Today I was lucky to catch the maintenance men when they were shoveling the walkways outside of the house and got them to run the snow blower around my car. But I had to brush the snow off the car myself. There was a good amount of wet heavy snow. But I managed to clear my car off enough to see out the windows.

I thought B and I had agreed to do lunch again but he took a snow day. I tried to call him but his phone kept going straight to voice mail. When I got to his place of work he wasn't there. But he saw that I had called him and called me back. We decided to go to Ruby Tuesday's in Horseheads. We thought about going to Olive Garden but their parking lot was packed. Ruby Tuesdays is good. I had a nice little steak, some coconut shrimp, and fried zucchini. B had pasta Alfredo with extra mushrooms.

When we got back I did my grocery shopping. It was just as well I hadn't gone on Thursday because I got a call from the pharmacist that one of my prescriptions was ready for pick up. Wegmans was crowded but everyone was very pleasant and cheerful. I love it when people are cheerful. I picked up some amazing oyster mushrooms and red Swiss chard.

When I got home Dina carried my groceries up for me and told me her daughter Bella had left me a heart cookie for Valentines day. How sweet! She is such a thoughtful child, just like her mother.