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March 2018



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Sticky Rice

Marilyn came over this evening and we ordered from Sticky Rice. My parents love this place.

We ordered the Curry Puffs, the Cassia Leaf, and the Khoawniew Somtum because I had no idea what they were and I like to try new things.

The Curry Puffs are deep fried dumplings filled with curried vegetables, and come with a sweet chili dipping sauce. They were great and I can see why they are a favorite with lots of people.

The Cassia Leaf is a very runny green sauce that comes in a half pint container. The sauce contains bits of chopped cooked scallion, onion, and pork (you can choose the meat). It comes with rice so I poured it over the rice before I ate it. We ordered it mild and found it savory and tasty. But I can see how it would be good with a bit more heat as well. I liked this and would recommend it. Particularly for people who don't like spicy food. We ordered it with the Jasmine rice but I think the purple or white sticky rice is a better match to the flavor.

The Khoawniew Somtum is a cold shredded papaya and carrot salad with fresh tomatoes, and a sweet fish sauce served on a bed of lettuce, it's sort of like a vinegar coleslaw. We ordered it mild but it usually contains fresh chilies. It comes with grilled chicken or pork. We ordered the pork. I'm not very fond of fish sauce so this wasn't to my taste and I probably won't order it again. I don't think this traveled very well for take out. I think it would be better for eating in. But Marilyn liked it and took the left overs. The grilled pork chop was fine. I liked it.