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March 2018



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Khichri and Ducks.

Today was book group. We are reading "Be Love Now" by Ram Dass. I brought my copy of "How Can I Help?" by Ram Dass for reference and Anne borrowed it.

In the first couple of chapters there are several references to Indian food so I decided to make some for the group. Specifically "Khichri" (spelled chichri in the book) a dish of rice and lentils cooked together. (and the inspiration for British Kedgeree) The recipe from that link is very simple and I had all the ingredients. Although I substituted split black grams (tiny chickpeas) for the lentils. It was very mild almost bland so I brought along some sriracha sauce for people to spice it up. And some garlic naan.

After group I went grocery shopping at Wegmans. (My SNAP (food stamps) finally came through!) As I was putting my groceries in the trunk of my car I noticed three mallard ducks behind me, one male and two females. So I threw them some grapes. One of the females was very good at catching grapes, the other female caught a couple of them, but the male couldn't seem to catch any of the grapes no matter how close I tossed them to him.

As I was feeding them grapes the Ring-billed Gulls came down to get some too. The female mallard was pretty good at keeping the grapes away from the gulls. I prefer mallards to gulls. Gulls are just flying water rats.

Then another duck came by that was noticeably bigger than the mallards. I wish I had gotten a picture. It looked like a male mallard, but bigger, and it had a white bib on the front of it's neck. The rest of the head and the back of the neck were green and the bib stopped at the white ring that mallards have.

I looked it up on the internet and the only thing I can find is "manky mallards" a hybrid between mallards and domestic ducks. If anyone has a better idea what this duck is please let me know.


I love khichri. It's a staple rainy day food in my family. :-)
I had heard that. I'm having the leftovers for breakfast.

Would you be willing to give me your family recipe?