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March 2018



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Settling in with Dad

I'm setting this to "friends only" because I don't want to announce publicly that I'm not at home. But otherwise this just a normal post. I will unlock it when I get home.

I came down to my parent's house on Friday night. Mom made salmon patties, boiled potatoes, and salad for dinner. I brought apple pie for dessert because it was Pi Day (3.14). I also fixed the necklace she had asked me to. I brought my jewelry pliers and everything. But all I needed was a needle and thread and a jump ring.

Mom and MaryJo had brought one of the futon beds up to the sewing room (what I call mom's museum annex) so I don't have to climb up and down the stairs all day. And Pat brought over a wheeled office chair so I can sit while I work in the kitchen. This should make things much easier this year.

Unfortunately for me I did need to do my laundry and the laundry room is downstairs so I was walking up and down the stairs anyway. But that is my own fault should not be any everyday problem. BTW it is much harder for me to use my mom's top loading washing machine than to use Song's. I can't reach in far enough to get the wet clothes out of the washer. At Song's house I can't reach the clothes at the back of the drier but I can turn the barrel and fish them out with a stick. It's much harder getting heavy wet clothes out of a vertical barrel.

Saturday dad and I had salad and leftover spaghetti for dinner. Then this morning I fried up some leftover potatoes for breakfast along with some scrambled eggs and some fresh pineapple. Mom left me a ham bone with a generous amount of meat on it so that is on the stove turning into navy bean soup right now. Soup and salad should make for a few good meals.

For some reason I have been sweating quite a lot since I arrived. Really, I soaked my pillowcase. And it is not hot here so it must be me. I don't know if I'm exerting myself more than I do at home or if I'm having hot flashes. [It turns out excessive sweating is a side effect of Tramadol]

I'm taking Tramadol for the pain in my hips so we will see if that helps. [Straight tramadol is less effective than Aleave at reducing my pain. I think the only reason my other prescription for tramadol worked at all was because it was mixed with Tylenol.]

I'm taking advantage of this time to catch up on my reading. I finished the "Meditations" and I'm working "The Art of Happiness".