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March 2018



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I realized last night after I made my post that I had started to want to go home. I took some diazapam this morning to help with that. And Pat got me some Aleave (I was running out) I think taking care of the pain might be doing more good than the diazapam.

Pat took dad out to lunch and Cindy brought over some milk and lettuce for us.

I made Bangers and Mash for dinner with green beans. I picked up the Bangers at Wegmans when I bought the knackwurst. They were actually called "Bangers". So I roasted them in the toaster oven and made some mashed potatoes. I also lightly cooked some green beans. Dad complained that the green beans were "raw" so I had to throw them in the microwave for him. I don't like to overcook my vegetables.

Dad hears things. Noises, hums, people walking around downstairs. Mom doesn't hear much because her hearing is going. But this house is so quiet and so isolated I think it encourages auditory hallucinations. When Song was here we all heard the mechanical hum coming from the south-east corner of the house. There is nothing in the south-east corner of the house that could make a mechanical hum. Except possibly the neighbors, who's house is about 100 yards away. I wouldn't put it past them to be running heavy machinery that we could hear at that distance. They have ATVs and do target shooting in their back yard. But I also heard voices, conversations, classical music. I tend to assume that it is dad watching TV or listening to the radio in another room. I told dad that the house must be haunted, although he built it and nothing has ever happened here. He suggested that it might be haunted by the ghosts of the lumber. I think the ghosts of the lumber would be dryad ghosts.

The nice thing about living in an apartment building (and with cats) is that you can always assume that any strange noises are just your neighbors (or the cats). When you know there is only one other person in the house strange noises are a little more disturbing.


That last bit is basically my theory of how cats chase away poltergeists. When you don't have a cat, and you hear a bump in the night, you stare at the door and go "WTF was that?!?". When you do have a cat, and you hear a bump in the night, you say "it's just the cat" and roll over and go back to sleep. Of course, the cat is curled up on foot of the bed staring at the door with ears erect going "WTF was that?!?", but that's not your problem at 2 in the morning.
I figured out the mechanical hum! I saw a logging truck pulling out less then half a mile from the house when I was going home. We were hearing logging equipment.

As for the voices, conversations and classical music, I can't help you. What I can say is I don't FEEL any presences in that house, but all the items from far away lands lend the space an edge of mystical quality and I wouldn't be surprised if there's lingering spiritual impressions hanging around. Especially the kites.