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March 2018



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It's my birthday!

I've been having a good week.

Mother came up for lunch at Spicy Asian with Anne, Marilyn, and me on Wednesday.
We had the Scallion Pancake Rolled w. Beef, Pork w. Vegetable Noodle Soup, 3 Flavored Chicken, and the West Lake Fish w. Sweet & Sour Sauce.

The West Lake Fish was a whole fish that was deep fried. The waitress came back twice to make sure we knew that it was a whole fish with the head, and bones in it, even though I pointed to the picture when I ordered it. They are so sweet, they didn't want the Westerners to be unhappy with the appearance of a whole fish on our table. But I know my mom loves to order the whole fish at her favorites Chinese restaurant in Endwell so I wanted it for her. We ordered the "large" fish since there were four of us. We didn't exactly pick the bones clean but we ate everything but the head and the tail. Marilyn took the rest home to make soup.

The Scallion Pancake Rolled w. Beef is a favorite. It's listed as an appetizer but it consists of four small roast beef sandwiches with raw scallions and spicy sauce wrapped in a pancake.

The Pork w. Vegetable Noodle Soup didn't have much "vegetable" in it just a few stalks of baby bok choy, but the noodles tasted homemade and it was very tasty. The soups at Spicy Asian come in a tureen large enough to serve four people (not the single serving bowl you might expect).

The 3 Flavored Chicken was good over rice. I understand the name. It has an interesting flavor. I'm not used to liquorice flavor in savory foods, but I love liquorice so I enjoyed it. I found two pieces of star anise.

Yesterday, was book group and lunch at Wegmans. That went well. We tried out our new procedure for getting through chapters more effectively. We start with a round where each person gets to say what they want to say about the chapter. So that if nothing else gets done at least that does, and we can move on to the next chapter.

I bought a Starfruit to share and a gluten free chocolate cake (from the Passover section). Marge doesn't eat gluten. And it turned out none of them had ever had starfruit before.

And I met science fiction author Carl Frederick. He was siting at the next table in the cafe and was very friendly and pleasant.

Today I was supposed to have lunch with B, but he had an emergency appendectomy Wednesday and just got out of the hospital today so we had to reschedule that. So I'm having dinner with Bloodsong1 instead.


What a splendiferous week so far!