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March 2018



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Weekend Update!

I had a nice visit with Song last weekend. J was there and he watched "The Croods" with me. He agreed that it is the father's story. And the animation is fantastic.

I came home an recovered a bit. Marilyn wanted me to make an Italian Easter Pie for us to share with Anne on Wednesday. I used my sister Gaby's Recipe for Pizza Gena. I bought the ingredients on Tuesday and assembled them on Wednesday and cooked them in Anne's Oven. It was surprisingly easy. I made it with a yeast bread crust, ricotta, Provolone, Mortadella, Genoa Salame Fiore, Prosciutto, and Soppressata. It's sort of like a lasagna or a calzone. The Recipe made two pies so I brought the second one to Book Group on Thursday. Everyone liked it. I didn't really like the meat choices. I think I really don't like Prosciutto. I will have to try it again with ham and cheddar.

I also bought a Dragon Fruit. A wonderful looking fruit but surprisingly bland.

Friday I drove B to a follow up appointment for his surgery then to Horseheads for lunch at the Olive Garden. I had the Portobella ravioli and the salad.

Saturday B bought me my steak at Chili's for my birthday. Then I drove him over to the eye doctors for a routine check up.

Sunday Marilyn is coming over for dinner. We are having the chicken liver pate and pickled eggs I made when she was here on Thursday.

I might also make a pot of beef and barley vegetable soup with the single beef rib I picked up for $1.71. It looked so lonely. You really can't prepare a single rib the way you would a rack. But it will do fine for flavoring a soup.



I love prosciutto. And looking at what you made, I can only add this to my growing body of evidence (no pun intended) that you, madam, are a witch.

Re: *drool*

Thank you. It's a skill that develops with time. I could never have done this when I was younger.