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March 2018



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Cogito Ergo Nom

More Spicy Asian

I couldn't find anyone to go to Spicy Asian with me so I went alone. I really want to try everything on their menu eventually.

鐵板蒜香肥腸 Sizzling Pork Intestine In Scallions. I was a little worried about this I had never had pork intestines before. They were pretty good, a little chewy. They were served with lots of vegetables: scallions, snow peas, bell peppers, and chunks of fresh garlic. It was served in a hot iron skillet with a fairly ordinary brown sauce and a side of white rice. I think I will specify brown rice in the future. I feel more confident about trying the rest of their pork intestine dishes now, it's just the kind of connective tissue that I like.

酒糟五花肉 Belly Pork w. Rice Wine Sauce with 各式炒年糕 Rice Cake, Any Style. The pork belly is a very fatty cut of meat. If you are the sort of person who cuts the fat off your meat you would not like this dish. But if you are the sort of person who understands that the skin is the best part of the pig you will love this. The pork fat is tender the meat is crispy, the sauce is bright red like the Asian BBQ sauce, but mild in flavor. It came with no rice or noodles, and no vegetables. I ordered the rice cakes to go with it. Rice cakes are made of firm rice paste that is cut into slices about the size and shape of water chestnut slices but chewy like gnocchi. I loved this it goes on the list of my favorites.


pork belly

Craig is definitely the kind of person who cuts all the fat off his meat, but he loves pork belly, specifically porchetta. Pork belly fat is not the same as other fat.

Speaking of Spicy Asian...

After Cuteness and I meet Dr. Scott the Paleontologist a week from Saturday, I want to go and take you with us. Care to meet up? It will be about 1:30 or so.

Re: Speaking of Spicy Asian...

I will be in Vestal that weekend. But If I'm feeling up to it I might just drive back and join you. Dad can be left alone for lunch and I can pick up some dinner for him to go.

Re: Speaking of Spicy Asian...

Up to you. I will totally understand if you're out of spoons for the extra trip.

Re: Speaking of Spicy Asian...

I won't know how many spoons I will have until the day.
But I will have my phone with me and you have the house phone number if my phone doesn't have reception.