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March 2018



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Saturday and Sunday

Saturday I was planing on driving back to Ithaca to have lunch with Song and The Cuteness and check up on my cats.

It was a tentative plan because I wasn't sure if I would be up to it. I was able to do it, even with a call from Song moving the schedule up and hour. But it did take a lot out of me. I don't usually have this much going on.

Lunch was very nice. The Cuteness was her adorable self and enjoyed her mango smoothie and chicken with broccoli and rice. There were lots of families with children there.

Song and I had the Whole Steamed Fish and the Spare Ribs with House Special Sauce.

Spare ribs are mostly bone and gristle no matter how good they are. These were chopped into bite sized pieces with a cleaver, and fried until crispy. I enjoyed the house special sauce. I poured it over my rice and discovered that it contained a lot of chopped raw garlic.

The Whole Steamed Fish was beautiful. I was delighted that Song was there because not many of my friends would go for that. Steamed fish is more moist and tender than fried fish. And the sauce did not overwhelm the flavor.

I ordered Pig Trotters in House Special Sauce and Pork Intestines Szechuan Style to take home for dinner.

On the way home it occurred to me that dad might be in as much pain as I am and that might be why he is always asking me to get things for him so I resolved to be sympathetic to his requests. Over dinner after the third time dad had asked me to go get something for him he asked me why I was huffing and puffing so much and I told him that I understood that it pained him to stand up and get things but it pained me too. And he said that it didn't pain him at all! So from now on I'm going to be much better about saying "no" when he asks me to do things. It does cause me pain and it doesn't cause him pain.

Speaking of pain, the Pork Intestines Szechuan Style were too spicy for me to have more than a couple of bites. I think it is made with jalapeño peppers. I thought they were just plain green peppers but they blew my head off.

The Pig Trotters in House Special Sauce were less intense but I ate mostly salad and yogurt for dinner.

Dad said he liked the spicy food so I'm letting him finish the Pork Intestines. I plan on using the pig trotters in a Spanish rice and bean dish. That should work with the spicing and cool it down a bit.

By the time I got home I was totally out of spoons and just wanted to sleep for a couple of days. I still feel like I could use another day of sleep.

Pat and Cindy dropped by to make sure we were OK and we had a nice chat.

Dad has been being stubborn about his pills. I put them out with a note and remind him to take them, but he insists that he "doesn't take pills" and leaves them there. I'm not sure what else I can do short of grinding them up and hiding them in his food.

He did try the liverwurst I brought from The Piggery and said it was just like the liverwurst in Germany so that was a success.