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March 2018



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My First CSA Box

I got my first CSA box on Thursday. I was very excited about it and I think it will really change my eating habits.

I got:
A bag of Field Greens
A bag of Spinach
A head of Lettuce (green and red speckled)
A head of Escarole (green and slightly bitter/cook lightly)
A bunch of Red Radishes with greens
A bunch of Basil
A bunch of Curly Kale
A bunch of Purple Bok Choy - Some of it was starting to send up a flower due to the longer days. Still tasty and lovely, just saute the entire plant!(Don't bother to cook the stem it is tough and fibrous.)

I wasn't able to identify the Purple Bok Choy because it had started bolting. It looked nothing like Bok Choy. But I can deal.

I put the basil in a jar of water so it hasn't wilted yet.

I cut the greens off the radishes and mixed them (the greens) with the field greens. And ate salad with peanuts, grated cheese, and vinaigrette dressing for several days. So the field greens are gone now.

I had made up a jar of homemade vinaigrette from my dad's recipe, in anticipation of eating a lot of salads. There is a reason people choose convenience. it's easier. So I need to do things to make eating vegetables easier. I bought some more cheeses and some shelled pumpkin seeds to put on salads.

Now I need to do something with the rest of these veggies.

I made a jar of pickled eggs to put on salads.
I still have radishes for snacks, salads, and maybe radish, butter, and salt sandwiches.

I'm thinking of making some:
Pasta with fresh basil, spinach, garlic, and cheese.
Quiche with bacon, spinach, onions and cheese.

I'm thinking of making some kale chips for the Dina and the boys downstairs who help me so much. Matthew likes to cook and seems interested in learning how to make kale chips.
Then I just have to sautee up the Bok choy and the escarole.

Maybe I will make Gina's Soup of Bitter Greens with Cheese Dumplings from the Family Cookbook. Or David's Pasta with Greens and Bacon.

I also want to make some Baked beans and some chicken satay, (which I can make into lettuce wraps).


Enjoy your wonderful salads!!!
Thank you.

I had Pasta with Bacon and Bok Choy for dinner tonight.

Unfortunately the bok choy had bolted and the CSA lady told me to just eat the whole thing anyway. It turns out there is a reason they don't sell the Bok choy after it has bolted. The central stem is woody and fibrous. I should have just removed the leaves and thrown the stem away.

But the leaves were good. And bacon makes everything wonderful!