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March 2018



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Tie Dye T-Shirts, Box of Bags, Second CSA Box!

Well, today has been full of gifts.

I opened up the door this morning and found the two Tie Dye T-shirt I had special ordered from Evelyn Cammarano in Rochester. They are exactly what I wanted. And they smell like scented candles because she makes those too.

Then I opened the door again later in the day and found a surprise box from gordon92151. A while ago we had talked about her sending me some C-PAP bags. Inside the box were five plastic mesh bags with nice zippers, and Resperonics logos. They are very sturdy bags. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them but I will probably think of something. Perhaps, I can use them to hold wet swimsuits after I start swimming again.

I showed up late for Book group and was a bit impatient and rude. I'm not sure what got into me except that I'm very bored with the book.

After group I picked up my CSA box. This week it contained:
1 head Escarole (Stick & Stone)
1 bag Spicy Mixed Greens (Remembrance Farm)
1 bag Baby Red Russian Kale (Remembrance Farm)
1 bunch Curly Kale (Stick & Stone)
1 bunch Swiss Chard (Stick & Stone)
1 bunch Radishes w/ greens (Remembrance Farm) the variety is Sora
1 bunch Hakurei Turnips (Stick & Stone) - Spring Japanese white turnips.
1 bunch Basil (Stick & Stone)
1 bunch Scallions (Stick & Stone)
1 Qt Strawberries (Summertime's Farm) - I didn't think I was going to get fruit.

I still had these left over from last week:
1 bag of Spinach
1 head of Lettuce (green and red speckled)
1 head of Escarole (green and slightly bitter/cook lightly)
1 bunch of Basil
1 bunch of Curly Kale

And one bunch of fresh mint from my friend Anne. I finally got around to making Limonana. I wish I still had my mint plants out front :(

I need to get working on these vegetables. Who knew how hard it is to eat 1/2 bushel of vegetables a week.

I made Gina's Soup of Bitter Greens with Cheese Dumplings from the Family Cookbook. That took care of both heads of Escarole. (I have two quarts of soup left over.) I used some of my home made frozen turkey stock. I'm not sure it goes well. I added so chili garlic sauce to spice it up.

Then I fried up some bacon, threw in some garlic, and sauteed the Swiss Chard. I put a little bit of chili garlic sauce in there too and then served it with Parmesan cheese. It was like David's Pasta with Greens and Bacon, but without the pasta.

I took both bunches of Basil and made another quart of Basil Oil. I still haven't strained out my first batch of Basil Oil. Well, at least the basil is not going to waste.

I still haven't made any kale chips. I may have to go with Italian Breaded Kale.

And I will be eating more salads.

Marilyn came over and I started clicker training Luna. Luna is a very smart dog. I hope this works.
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