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March 2018



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Beautiful Solstice Weekend

We have had absolutely gorgeous weather this Solstice weekend. Sunny skies and a scattering of little fluffy white clouds.

Friday I had lunch with B at Applebee's. I have taken to ordering something that is not on the menu. I ordered a 7oz steak, with seasonal vegetables, and a smashed potato with sour cream. No sauces on the steak. Their steak is pure bliss. I had an ice cream shooter for dessert. That is a single scoop of ice cream in a small glass, with a little bit of chocolate syrup, some whipped cream, and a cherry on top. Just a little treat to finish things off.

Saturday we decided to try Los Tapatios in Owego on my friend sammisnake's recommendation. I knew it was on Rt 17c but not where on Rt 17c. When we got to the place where I usually turn left to avoid downtown Owego B told me to keep going straight. Well, we had agreed that he was the navigator because he had actually looked at the map and knew were we were going. A block later we hit a festival that had closed downtown Owego and routed us across the bridge onto the highway. We had to drive to the next exit and backtrack. But no harm done, we found the restaurant.

It's in a converted house on the river side of Rt 17c with parking in the back. Which means I had to climb three flights of stairs to reach the back door. Someone in a wheelchair would have to go around front and come in the front door.

We started with the chips and salsa. Both the chips and the salsa were thick, just the way I like them. And there was fresh cilantro in the salsa.

For appetizers B ordered the spinach and cheese dip and I ordered the Mexican style calamari.

I love calamari but I don't get it often. I've never had Mexican style calamari so I had to try it. It came with two sauces, a house hot chili sauce and a milder chili aioli. The house chili sauce was like no sauce I have ever had before, it was dark like a mole and had a slow burn. The calamari came in a fried bowl on top of a pile of shredded lettuce. After I ate the calamari I enjoyed the surprise green salad with the chili aioli sauce.

For entrees B ordered the Poblanos Chiles: two peppers stuffed with cheese, battered and fried, and topped with green sauce. Served with beans, rice & two tortillas. They have a vegetarian section in the menu.

I ordered the Burrito Azteca. This is what I like to call a Burro. A burrito should be small enough to hold in your hand, and come with sides. A burro is when they put the whole meal in the flour tortilla. This one was full of rice and chopped roasted pork. Usually Mexican pork is pulled and sauced. This was spiced rather than sauced and cut rather than pulled. The whole thing was covered in a white cheese sauce and sprinkled with chopped onions and cilantro. It was impressive. I've never had anything like it and I enjoyed it.

I would happily eat there again. I would love to have that Mexican calamari again.

On Sunday we drove to Cortland to have lunch at Garcia's. When we got there there was a sign on the door saying they were closed and would open again tomorrow. It was a bit ironic for us. If we had gone to Cortland on Saturday they would have been open, and if we had gone to Owego on Sunday we would have missed the festival.

Since we were in Cortland we had lunch at the Ponderosa next door to the Garcia's. When I lived in Binghamton I used to go to Ponderosa a lot, but I haven't been in years. I like their chicken wings. But most of the buffet comes out of tins and boxes. I tried the stuffing but it tasted just like Stove Top Stuffing, and not like anything made in a real kitchen. Even the steaks were damp and mushy. Our waitress was very cheerful. If you ever get a craving for the food you got in the high school cafeteria this is the place to go. This stuff will stick to your ribs.