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March 2018



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Food Update

I finally turned the two bunches of curly kale into Italian breaded kale. I used cooked millet instead of bread crumbs. I think I could have used rice as well. I still have some of this left for another meal.

What I have left:
1 bag Spicy Mixed Greens
1 bag Baby Red Russian Kale
2 bunches Radishes w/ greens (I threw the greens away and saved the radishes for snacks)
1 bunch Hakurei Turnips (I ate them for dinner)
1 bunch Scallions
1 bag of Spinach

I still have a qt of bitter green soup with cheese dumplings.
A pint of coleslaw
A jar of pickled eggs with beets.
A jar of pickled plums
A dozen raw eggs, some bacon, a bunch of celery, a bag of carrots, and my usual pantry full of dry foods, canned foods, and spices.
A pint of cooked millet
Some marinating chicken breasts.
I cooked the chicken and mixed it with peanut butter gravy (with coconut milk) and the cooked millet. I ate half for dinner and still have half for another meal.

I'm mostly worried about eating the perishables before they perish.

I really need to do something with that spinach.
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I'm really enjoying reading your account of what you've done with some of the items. I used to get a veggie box delivered years ago and the adventure of figuring out to do was fun (though not consistent; sometimes life got the best of me and some things went to waste).
Yeah, I have a bunch of cilantro that has died, and I'm really worried what I'm going to find when I open that bag of spinach.