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March 2018



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Cogito Ergo Nom

Candy Reviews

In the spirit of Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap I want to post some candy reviews.

In case you are worried about my blood sugar levels I did not eat these all on the same day. Actually I ate them the over the course of several months so I have to remember what I thought of them. But I took pictures so that helps.

These are Classic Candies I bought at Wegmans.

The "Chick-O-Stick" is a Butterfinger with coconut instead of milk chocolate. I like this version better because I'm always peeling the chocolate off the Butterfinger so I can eat the crunchy peanut butter separately.

The "Coconut Long Boys" and the "Black Cow" are both caramel "bars". I wasn't sure how that was going to work.

The "Coconut Long Boys" is a plain caramel with coconut mixed in and the "Black Cow" is a chocolate caramel. I was a bit worried that they would be too stretchy to break off a piece but they actually broke fairly easily. They were both very chewy but not enough to pull out my fillings.

I enjoyed them both but I can understand why people prefer bite sized individually wrapped caramels.

These are three kinds of chocolate cups I found in the "Nature's Marketplace" section of Wegmans.

Justin's Organic Dark Chocolate peanut butter cups are nice alternative to Reese's peanut butter cups. I always prefer Dark Chocolate to Milk Chocolate. Although the peanut butter center seems to be just peanut butter not the mixture of peanut butter and sugar that you get in a Reese's. It's more fluid and less sweet. But that is also better in my opinion.

Both of the Newman's Own offerings are dark chocolate and smaller than your typical peanut butter cup. The raspberry version is about the size of a mini Reese's and come six to a pack. The raspberry filling is very liquid. The peppermint cups are slightly bigger and also a bit liquid inside. But I enjoyed both of these and would buy them again.

I got these in the Asian section at Wegmans. They are actually called "15 Grain Healthy Snack". I had no idea what these would be when I bought them. From the outside package I thought they would be some kind of seed bar like a granola bar or one of the sesame candies. So I was quite surprised by what they turned out to be.

Inside the larger package were individually wrapped logs. The log has the texture of crunchy airy foam and I assume it is made from rice, with a sweet creamy center of what I assume is sesame and bean paste. There are no whole seeds in evidence.

I'm not sure how healthy they are but I enjoyed them.

I got these at TOPS. I had never seen Blueberry Cordials before. I was worried that the blueberries would be shriveled and seedy but they were quite nice. No better or worse than the usual Cherry Cordials.

I got these at TOPS

The two Scharffen Berger Dark Chocolate Bars had a strange bitter aftertaste. One contained roasted cacao nibs and the other contained roasted coffee beans, they both had little bitter crunchy bits. Not bad, but not something that knocked my socks off.

The Heidi Grand'Or Dark Chocolate with Caramelized Hazelnuts was quite nice. The whole hazelnuts did actually stick halfway out of the chocolate bar so that should give you an idea of how thin the chocolate was, about the same thickness as the Hershey's bars you use for making Smores. The caramel layer on the hazelnuts was so thin as to be almost undetectable. But I like hazelnuts and dark chocolate so it was Ok for me.

The Wild Ophelia All Natural Beef Jerky Milk Chocolate Bar was not good at all. I got it for the novelty value. When I opened it up I could smell the smoked jerky but the little jerky chips tasted like salt. And the chocolate tasted like the cheap chocolate hollow rabbits you get at Easter when they are thinning down the chocolate with sugar and wax. The flavors did not blend or compliment each other at all. Too sweet with occasional bursts of salt.

The bag is Ting Ting Jahe, Ginger Candy Chews. My favorite ginger candy that I get from Wegmans in the Asian section. They are good for settling my stomach. One bag contains about 24 individually wrapped candies, about .22 oz each.

The tins are Chimes brand Ginger Chews I got at TOPS. Each tin contains about 14 individually wrapped candies, about .14 oz each. The ginger flavor tasted the same as the Ting Ting Jahe and the mango ones tasted like mango. They were fine but not better than my usual. I'll stick with the Ting Ting Jahe. I don't need more decorative tins cluttering up my apartment anyway.