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March 2018



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Cogito Ergo Nom

Snack Food Review

These are some savory snacks I purchased to see what they were like.

I got both of these at TOPS. The Baked Lentil Chips' first ingredient is lentil flour and second ingredient is potato starch. They were surprisingly delicate and I don't think would hold up to hummus. The Broccoli Chips' first ingredient is rice flour, second ingredient is potato starch, and third ingredient is corn flour. The Broccoli chips were pale green but not a significant source of broccoli.

They taste pretty much the same, like shrimp chips (which are mostly rice flour). Except that the Broccoli Chips are covered with white cheddar dust. I quite like shrimp chips and these are less oily. They were OK. But a bit high carb for me.

These are exactly what they say they they are dried fruits and vegetables, nothing else.
They were all surprisingly crunchy not like the usual leathery dried fruit. The Pineapple was the best. Probably because it is naturally a little sweet. It was crunchy not hard or sugared like most dried pineapple. The Tomatoes tasted like tomato paste. Which is not exactly what I'm looking for in a tasty snack. And the Zucchini was like eating flavorless leaves. Really. Actual leaves have more flavor. I got these on sale at TOPs and I would not buy them again.

I picked these up as a "healthy" alternative at the sub shop in Wegmans. They are basically corn chips with spinach and kale in them. I mistakenly thought they would be spinach and kale chips. I didn't notice any difference in flavor from regular corn chips.

I picked up three types of Primal Spirit Foods Primal Strips Meatless Vegan Jerky. All three had the texture of wet cardboard, not corrugated cardboard, the thick cardboard that is used on the back of legal pads. The Texas BBQ favor is made of textured soy protein and tastes like mild BBQ sauce. The Teriyaki and Thai Peanut flavors are made of vital wheat gluten (Seitan) and taste Ok. I have to point out the regular meat jerky tastes like shoe leather so wet cardboard is not any worse, just less dry.
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The wet cardboard was a disappointment. I was hoping I could find a protein-based snack I could eat at work instead of chips. I had gotten the impression that jerky was mostly dry and leathery, so I tried this vegan jerky. This stuff leaves your hands covered in glop, requiring a cleansing of the hands after eating it, and making it not suitable for snacking while working.