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March 2018



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Sammi's Memorial Service

Sammi's memorial service was this evening (Thursday) at 6pm. It was held at the UU church in Binghamton. I used to be a member of that church so I was familiar with the building and thought I might know some of the people there. Sammi joined the church after I moved away and I knew she was active there.

The service was very nice. The minister gave a nice blessing and emphasized that we were there to grieve for Sammi's passing and express gratitude for her life. There was lots of music. Her daughter Rainbow sang. I don't think I had ever heard Rainbow sing before. She has a beautiful voice. Sammi's sister Melody looks just like her. I spotted the resemblance from across the hall.

I saw Jenny James. I had been hoping to run into her. I knew she was a member of the church and had been friends with Sammi longer than I had. Unfortunately we didn't have much of a chance to talk.

After the service there was food in the social hall and the fireside room. It was all very pleasant. I also ran into Louise Ulrich, I hadn't seen her in years. Other than Sammi's husband and children I didn't know many people who were there. But that was enough.

I would like my funeral to be like Sammi's. If the service has to be in church I hope it is UU church. I don't like it when people use funerals to preach. I prefer services that focus on remembering the dead and talking about their life.

Speaking of remembering the dead. Sammi had a friend who is a publisher and is working on publishing a book of Sammi's writing. I signed up to receive information about it when it comes out. I'm looking for ward to getting a copy as a memento of my friend.