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March 2018



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In the begining

The Return of The Beast!

So, this past weekend The Beast came back for a visit. She came down with her boyfriend Joe, and J came down to see her too. J got here before noon and we had a nice afternoon hanging out on the couch talking. The Beast and Joe got here closer to 6pm. Then we all went out to dinner at Spicy Asian. B met us there. J and B agreed to treat us since The Beast, Joe, and I don't have much money. Joe let me chose what we would eat. I choose Fish fillet w. Special Tofu in Hot Pot, Beef Brisket in Hot Pot, and a small West Lake Fish. I love their tofu, but I'm not as fond of the turnips they put in the hot pots. Luckily The Beast loves turnips. The Beast was delighted that there was Frog, Tripe, and Intestines on the menu. As I hoped she would be.

Spicy Asian isn't the best place for conversation. And The Beast brought her service dog, Shiva. There were two little Asian girls in the restaurant who wanted to play with the doggie.

Then we came back to the house and hung out. The Beast and Joe set up a tent in the back yard so they could have some personal space.

The next morning J left and The Beast and Joe started cleaning my apartment. They made quite an impact. The Beast scrubbed down and bleached my bathroom and Joe bagged up all the recyclables from the kitchen and scrubbed down the stove. It's quite a difference.

I had talked about The Beast helping me eat my veggies. She didn't really eat many veggies, but I finally made the kale into kale balls. The Beast was in the mood for big chunks of meat so we sent Joe out to the store and he got a huge hunk of pork, because that is really inexpensive. Joe made a wonderful stir fry, with red onion and green beans. And I made a roast, and a bag of spiedies. They didn't take any of the leftovers with them when they left. So, I have a lot of meat to go with my veggies for the rest of the month. I need to pick up some onions and garlic but other than that I'm well stocked.

They ended up staying till this morning.

It's been quite an exciting weekend. I think I need to sleep for a couple of days. But altogether I think I am better off for their having been here. I hope they come back. I will try to keep things up in their absence. The Beast is so sweet, she was ranting about how other people should have been helping me so things didn't get this bad. I know I need help, but I never really expect people to help me. I'm just very grateful when they do. That is why I'm so grateful for the Dina and her sons for helping me by taking out my garbage and carrying up my groceries. I'm grateful to everyone who makes my life better. I'm grateful to J and B for sponsoring a nice dinner at my favorite restaurant. And I'm grateful to The Beast and Joe for doing so much cleaning.

I'm really blessed to have such kind and generous friends.


One of these days, I will buy an industrial grade mask

And then I'll be able to do more. Then again, I lend you my kiddos with interest, so I suppose that is helping, yes? Don't forget you have to be down on Thursday of next week to pick up Cuteness. We're leaving at zero dark thirty Friday morning. (^_^)

Re: One of these days, I will buy an industrial grade mask

You are my friend and you do bless me. But I wish you wouldn't make my apartment sound like an industrial hazard clean up site. J was hospitalized after a visit to RBDarkly's house. He has never been hospitalized after a visit to my place.

IDK was very helpful carrying things up and down the stairs for me while he was here. I don't expect that sort of assistance from a 7yr old. Her visit will be a learning experience. So, I'm glad it will be a short visit. It is best to start slow with new experiences. After I've had her here for the weekend I will have a better idea of what to expect for the next time.

I should have no problem picking up the Cutness on Thursday night. I was late picking up IDK because I was trying to clean for his arrival. The apartment is now much cleaner than it was so I will not be quite so stressed about that. The Beast and Joe took care of the worst problem spots. I think I will be able to keep up with the spot cleaning and putting things away.

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It's not you, love. It's me.

It is not your fault. J's triggers are different from mine, that's all.
You have great friends. Glad you had a good time and everything is looking better.
Yes I do. Thanks :)

Re: hug

Thank you.