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March 2018



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Is It Still Only Saturday?

Thursday night I drove down to Binghamton to pick up The Cuteness for her first overnight stay with me. That worked out fine. She has a booster seat in the back of my car and she played with a computerized speak and spell toy all the way back.

The first thing she did when she arrived was to go say hello to the neighbors. I don't know if she has ever been in an apartment building before. She is used to going where ever she wants in a house. I have to explain to her that she needs to knock and ask permission before she can just go into someone else's home. As a general rule one should always knock and ask permission before opening a door.

The neighbors across the hall in apt 6 have a young boy. I don't know how old he is but he can walk and talk a little. They also have a baby, and woman who looks after the kids during the day and only speaks French. The Cuteness got along well with the boy and his mother said she could come over any time.

Then The Cuteness went downstairs to meet Brenden and Matthew. I didn't think anyone was home down there so I expected her be back quickly. After a few minutes Brenden came up and asked me if I knew who that little girl in his apartment was. She had wandered in and was playing Bella's toys. I told him she was with me and he could send her back up.

She chose "Jack and the Beanstalk" for her bedtime story and was asleep by 9pm.

Friday morning she was up by 6am. Which I had expected since that is when she usually gets up. I made us eggs and toast for breakfast and then we went grocery shopping. She spent most of the morning in apt 6 playing with the little boy. At 11am she came back. I'm not sure what happened. She said she wanted to take the little boy down to apt 4 but the French woman wouldn't let her and put her out and locked the door. I tried to explain to her that she could not take the little boy out of his home without the permission of his care givers.

We had lunch at Denny's with B. We had a delightful waitress who was very nice about letting me try every flavor of Dasani flavored water. Coke has these new fountain dispensers that I've seen in Wegmans, Fat Jack's BBQ, and now at Denny's. It's one machine with a touch screen interface to buy any of their products. The Cuteness had a plain cheeseburger with fries and an apple juice. B also sprang for the cupcake shaped cup for the apple juice. It's a sturdy cup with a lid and a straw. I had a steak with potatoes and sauteed zucchini, which is the same thing I usually have at Applebee's. Applebee's is better. I will stick to burgers at Denny's in the future. Or something else they do well. B had suggested that the banana split was a good deal so I tried it. I can't remember the last time I had a banana split. It was OK.

When we got home the Cuteness asked me to make some play dough for her. It is a very simple recipe and didn't take long. Then she wanted to take it next door so she and the boy could play together, but he was taking a nap. I told her to go downstairs and ask Brenden if she could see his Bearded Dragon. I think she did get to see it. It is a friendly little critter. Matthew brought her back up. We had macaroni and cheese for dinner and rainbow sherbet for desert. She kept herself entertained with the play dough for the rest of the evening. And I read her a story from a book of fairy tales before she went to sleep.

This morning we had cereal for breakfast. Then she kept herself amused with the play dough until lunch. I took her with me to Main's and she rode along on the back of the electric cart. Then I got some gas for the car.

On the way home the car started making some rattling noises and then stopped. I managed to get over to the side of the road. From the gauges it seemed the car had over heated. We sat there for a while as I watched the heat gauge go down. Then I tried starting the car again. I was able to get up home but I don't know what is wrong with the car.