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March 2018



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The World's End

I finally watched "The World's End" and I regret waiting so long. It was fantastic! I wish I could watch it again with friends. But the only friends I think would enjoy it with me are J and B, and I'm not sure about B. This is definitely a movie to watch with friends.
Written by Simon Pegg starring Simon Pegg, Martin Freeman, and Pierce Brosnan.

Simon Pegg plays Gary King an alcoholic loser who decides to get his four high school friends back together to do a pub crawl of their home town. 12 historic pubs in one night. All of them have moved on but Gary. If the town hadn't been taken over by alien robots this would have been a very boring movie. After they stumble upon the robots it would have been sensible to try to get out of town but Gary refuses to give up his goal of drinking one pint in all twelve pubs.

Given all that, this movie surprised me a few times. It didn't go where I thought it would go which is why it rises above the run of the mill sci-fi adventure.

It is funny, and heartwarming, the fight scenes are fun, and the ending was a surprise.

I give it five stars for being what it is, a sci-fi action comedy.

J next time you come down I will have to order it from Redbox so we can watch it together. It would be great to watch it on Song's big screen but she totally would not get it.

I'd love to do a Simon Pegg marathon: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World's End.


I would watch it with you.
I think you are J, I'm fairly certain I'm B.

I was sold at "Written by Simon Pegg starring Simon Pegg".

I was going to say I hadn't seen "Scott Pilgrim...", but that's not Simon Pegg, that's Edgar Wright.

Of course, THe Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World's End) are all Wright, Pegg, and Frost.

Did I say I was sold on the idea?
Yay! So we will have a marathon next time J can come down :)

I've seen all three movies and will happily watch them again with people who appreciate them.
I would be insulted, but given my complete lack of satire, you're probably right.

All that being said, you could still come down and use my big screen. I have a laptop and three stories to write.