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March 2018



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Braided Wheel Tradition

Nightfall's Second Degree ritual

So, Nightfall asked for his second degree and we scheduled it for Aug 9 at RBDarkly's house. I can't say it went without a hitch but it went well and was generally successful. I'm happy about it. Nightfall is a kind, wise, and talented person and I'm honored that he calls me his teacher. I look forward to watching him continue to grow and flourish.

Initiation rituals are generally kept secret so I'm trying not to say too much. And as a general rule I try not to talk about other people in my journal, that can only lead to trouble.

One interesting thing I can talk about is the gods we invoked for the ritual. Nightfall asked for Hecate and Mars. He specified Mars and not Ares, which is interesting. He has been doing some research and Mars does have traits that Ares does not. Hecate has been my goddess for a while so I'm always pleased to interact with her. For this ritual I wanted to wear my formal vestments: white gown, red tabard, and black shawl. But I couldn't find my tabard and shawl. So I had to settle for just my gown and cord. When it came time to set up for the ritual RBDarkly could only find a red candle for Mars and a white candle for Hecate. Then she brought out a white frosted glass crescent moon for a symbol for Hecate. I usually associate Hecate with black, but She seemed to want to be all white that night. I can take a hint so I invoked her as the White Lady. I need to look into that some more.